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This page left here for historical purposes. -- Mkille 21:14, 25 June 2013 (UTC)

This is a draft of a new or in-progress document, and is likely to have a few people specifically working on it. You may wish to check in on the discussion page to see what the purpose of the document is and who's working on it; then feel free to give this article love and attention if have extra of those things.

About this page

This repository links various documents to prepare for the 2011 Town Hall Meeting. The primary use is to coordinate shared priorities between Board Recruitment, THM Nominations, and THM Election. The page contains a Priority Action List, links, and relevant excerpts to assist in shared document creation.

  1. Nomination committee and minutes
  2. Election committee and minutes
  3. Board recruitment committee and minutes

Meta Documents

What is the Town Hall Meeting? Town hall meeting

What is the new plan for Volunteer Representatives? 2011 governance proposal

What is the schedule for dates? Board Election Checklist

Do you have a Project Timeline? Talk:Board Election Checklist#5/10/11 Committee meeting on board transitions

How will the Town Hall Meeting be run? Talk:Board Election Checklist#Town Hall Agendas (proposed for September(?) 2011)

How do I answer questions from prospective candidates? How to explain the Board structure to Recruits

What is the role of the Volunteer Representative?

Volunteer Representative Job Description

The volunteer representative will provide the Board with valuable insight into the needs and opinions of the volunteers who provide the organization with much of its workforce. This will be an elected position that will be held by a core volunteer. Qualifications and responsibilities of a Volunteer Representative on the Board of Directors:

• Represents core volunteers. Has the ability to distinguish one's own needs and desires from those of the volunteers he or she is representing.

• Core Volunteer. Has invested at least 30 hours of volunteer work in the organization within the last year.

• Will seek input from volunteers. Is willing and able to seek out the ideas and opinions of a wide variety of core volunteers.

• Maintain communication with core volunteers. The volunteer representative must communicate information between the Board and volunteers. It is the responsibility of this representative to relay the needs and expectations of core volunteers to the Board.

Action List

Priority: Create a Volunteer Representative Recruitment packet to begin Nomination month. (Tentative start date is July 18th to August 18 so we can meet the Sept 18 THM.)

Board recruitment pamphlet (Finished Version N.B. This is designed for printing double sided using the Short Edge (flip) option, and then folding in half).

Nomination Form (pdf)

Board orientation manual

Nomination committee#Materials

What to expect from the Town Hall: NEED

Board Statement: NEED

We'd Like to Know More About You!: NEED to EDIT

Please take a moment to answer the following questions. The answers to these questions will be used to create a profile for you in our “Voter's Pamphlet” for the upcoming elections at the town hall. You are also welcome to share some of your answers to these questions at the town hall meeting.

  1. How long have you been a volunteer at Free Geek?
  2. Which areas have you volunteered?
  3. Why would you like to join Free Geek’s Board of Directors?
  4. What areas of Policy interest you the most?
  5. What are your goals for the organization?
  6. What skills and experience can you bring to the Board?
  7. Where do you see Free Geek in two years?
  8. How do think you volunteer experience would benefit the Board?

Priority: Publicize forthcoming transition of Board structure and election of Volunteer Representatives to the Board. (Underway)

Humans Wanted

Greetings! As some of you may have heard, Free Geek will be changing the way in which it governs itself. Previously, our organization was run by two bodies, a volunteer council and a Board of Directors. For a variety of reasons, Free Geek has outgrown this model, and will making changes in the near future. Perhaps the greatest of these changes will be the election of volunteer representatives to our newly formed board. These representatives will give volunteers a voice in the governance process, and provide valuable insight into the issues facing Free Geek.

However, in order to elect representatives, we must have an election! This election will be held in a town-hall style, where volunteers, staff, and board members can come together an discuss the issues of the day. Currently, the meeting is scheduled to be held in September (specific date to be provided), and will be held at ____. The event will last an afternoon, and provide an excellent chance for the Free Geek community to come together. Participants will have an opportunity to view annual reports, and ask questions pertaining to Free Geek’s operations. Once questions have been answered, board candidates will be given an opportunity to speak, and explain why they would make a strong addition to our Board of Directors. Ballots will be distributed, and attendees may begin to fill them out (although they will not be due that day). When the process is concluded, the new representatives will be announced, and begin serving their term. We welcome all members of the community to participate in this event, so contact a staff member if you have further questions!

Priority: Create an annual report for participants of the THM including Candidate Bios and reports by the Board and all Organizational areas of Free Geek operations. (One month before the THM or currently August 18)

Key goals: beyond election of candidates, the THM is designed to increase transparency and promote involvement of core volunteers in governance of Free Geek's mission through policy and strategy.

Priority: Nomination Forms and Ballot Forms

Nomination Form (pdf)

Here is the Board Member Interest Form page.

To give potential candidates

Somebody thinks you're Rad. And other R words, like Responsive and Responsible. And Really good at communication. The person giving you this thinks you would be a good candidate for a volunteer representative on Free Geek's Board of Directors. Many of the members of the board are brought on because of their professional skills or outside contacts and experience; they help make the board strong and outward-facing. The downside to this is that they may be remote from the everyday experience of Free Geek's core volunteers, the people who make the organization a community in its own right.

We've made a commitment to have no less than one quarter of the board consist of volunteer representatives, chosen by election by core volunteers to make sure that the interests and values of the volunteers at large are considered in the board's strategic planning -- and that those volunteers can know what is happening at the board level. The first election for volunteer representatives will be this September, at our first ever Town Hall Meeting. We hope you will consider running to represent your fellow volunteers.

To find out what it takes to be a board member and who is eligible to run, please contact the nomination committee: xxxx (maybe we also need an in-person contact).

Publicity Material

Robot Art work

These are SVG files which can be resized with out loss of quality. If you need to make any changes Inkscape is the best program to open these with.

from 2011

Humans Wanted Poster

Humans Wanted Flyer

Greetings Earthlings Flyer Second flyer directed at recruiting potential candidates.

Town Hall Announcement Flyer (N.B. There is a separate poster)

Town Hall Meeting Poster N.B. This is ledger sized. Must be printed Ledger, Landscape on the meeting room printer

Voters Guide

From 2012

Geeks Wanted Flier Flier for Volunteer BBQ. Print double sided