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== Upon hearing a announcement begin evacuation procedures ==
== Upon hearing a announcement begin evacuation procedures ==

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Upon hearing a announcement begin evacuation procedures

  • Keep yourself and others calm
  • Quickly proceed outside the building (or to the announced “safe location”) using the posted evacuation route. Close windows and doors as you leave.
  • Help those that need special assistance (e.g. if a deaf person is in a restroom, make sure they evacuate).
  • Report immediately to the designated "safe area" located NE corner of SE 10th Avenue and Market. Check in with Action member who will be taking a head count.
  • Wait for instructions from emergency response personnel. Do not re-enter the building until told it is safe to do so.

Staff Evacuation assessment and procedure

In the event of fire, hazardous materials release or other hazardous situations requiring emergency response
  • Announce over the public address system (page) the evacuation. Call government emergency personnel.
  • All Staff: start helping people out of the building.
  • Front Desk Staff: Grab the scheduling clipboards for staff and volunteers. Also grab the Safety book.
  • Prebuild Staff: Grab the Toolbox Signout Sheets.
  • Build Staff: Evacuate. (If Build adopts Toolbox Signout Sheets, we'll use those in the future.)
  • Warehouse Staff: Grab the Safety Book and the Toolbox Signout Sheets.
  • The first Staff out of the North (Warehouse) and the South (Thrift Store) will stay near exits to help direct volunteers to the meeting space (located at the northeast corner of SE 10th Avenue and SE Market Street).
  • If it's safe to re-enter, staff, directed by Safety committee members, will sweep the building.
At the "safe meeting area"
  • Safety member will account for all staff.
  • We may utilize a wireless connection in the future to access the database of volunteer sign-ins.
  • All staff will report on the areas they were in to the Safety member in charge.
  • Safety member will coordinate with local authorities to assess the situation.
  • Safety member will notify all staff and volunteers if it's safe to re-enter the building.