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please don't use this response, it needs updating

Use this response for when individuals email info@ asking Free Geek to participate in a collection event

Unfortunately, from the way things are going around here we won't be able to be collect donations at cleanup and community events this year. Specifically, the wrenches in our gears are the lack of available staff time (we can't afford to reallocate any hours without it negatively impacting our volunteer programs) and the Oregon E-Cycles program's requirement that electronic goods for recycling come directly from individuals, which doesn't allow us to collect donations en masse from events without heavy accounting.

However, we do have volunteers that are willing and able to table at your event. They are prepared to talk more about Free Geek, the Oregon eCycles program, and the options available to individuals that are interested in recycling their e-waste. If you are interested in having us table your event, please get in touch with our PR folks via email at