Exit Procedure for Collective Members

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The Free Geek Collective ceased to exist on February 28, 2013. For information on current staff, please go to Staff. For detailed information about the re-organization of Free Geek's management structure, please go to 2013_Restructuring_Documents.

Collective Member Exit Procedure

Because situations will vary, some of these steps will be more critical or time-sensitive in different cases. Documentation, however, is a must.

Name of exiting collective member: ____________________
Name of person completing checklist: _____________________
Date checklist started: _____________________
Staff member exit procedure Date
As far in advance as possible:
  • Ask them if they want to continue their health care with COBRA. If they are interested, have them speak with HR.
  • Ask about rolling retirement money out of our 403(b) VALIC plan.
Two weeks before scheduled last day (or ASAP): Announce it to the community:
  • Regulars e-mail list (this should include paidworkers by default)
  • Directors e-mail list
  • Get keys and update Keyholders page.
  • Review whether we need to change locks/passwords (Richard)
  • Recollect infrastructure equipment/other FG property they might have (extra laptop or other special hardware, credit card, etc.)
    • If they were a credit card holder, make sure all recurring transactions based on that card are transferred to another card, or other arrangements made.
  • Remove access code from the alarm system:
    • Remove the alarm code itself from the access terminal. (Dave or Richard)
    • Edit encrypted file of alarm access codes. (Dave or Richard)
    • Contact service company to notify them of the change. (Dave or Richard)
  • Arrange for picking up or delivering any personal property left at Free Geek.
  • remove access to Securewiki
  • remove from computer groups on application server
    • fgstaff group
    • beancounters (probably)
    • outreach (probably)
    • h*grants (probably)
Social Media Accounts: Remove access to (when applicable):
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Determine and note their status: for example, resigned / laid off / fired*
  • Update the RT Personnel Files.
  • RT: remove from FGStaff group, perhaps adding to FGCore group
In the database:
  • Confirm their address and phone number for our records
  • Edit their database record, removing sign-in rights and cashier rights (unless they're okayed to continue volunteering in those roles)
  • Edit their worker page. Change status to "inactive" starting on the first day the person is no longer working. Or, if the person is available for substitute shifts, change status to "substitute".
Replacement and communications:
  • If applicable, ask if they are interested in substituting. This is not necessary if they are being fired, or moving away from the area, or if there are other issues raised (at the discretion of the HR committee).
  • If applicable, figure out logistics of transition to new hire: can they do training?
  • Ask them to record an outgoing message, referring callers to other staff and extensions.
  • Arrange for forwarding of email to other staff.
  • Notify Paychex (verify correct address is on the record for tax forms)
  • Get them their last paycheck and including vacation pay. If there are vacation backpay or other payment issues, be sure this is clear and documented in the personnel file
  • Remove from restricted email lists and server groups
    • HR email list
    • Staff email list
    • Paid Workers email list
    • Locks email list
    • other committee email lists as determined by those committees
  • Ask if they want to remain on any lists at all.
  • Ask if they want to continue using their @freegeek.org email address.
  • Does s/he moderate any email lists? If so, then pass them off to another.
On the wiki:
In scheduling software:
  • remove from future shifts, standard shifts (used to generate future schedules), and any meetings.
Get feedback for the organization:
  • Was their job description adequate and accurate?
  • What would they change about the job?
  • Were they well supported by peers and management?
  • Where did they grow the most in the job?
  • What was most challenging about the job?
  • What advice would they give to their replacement?

* Document decision and supporting evidence in their personnel file on RT. If they resigned (left of their own accord) request a letter of resignation including last day of work, last day on payroll, reason for leaving. (This documents that Free Geek did not terminate them, and helps keep our unemployment payments low.)


  • Calls about former employees should go to members of the HR committee.
  • Information about unemployment should go to HR as well.