External Hard Drive Testing

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Have the Advanced Testing staff or key holder get you the following:

  • External H.D. Testing Kit, which contains:
  • Hard Drives (formatted, partitioned, & with files on them),
  • Power Adapters.

Match the power adapters with the external hard drive enclosures by looking at the connector, voltage and amps.(There may be matched hard drive enclosures in marked box from the Tardis.) Match volts & amps exactly whenever possible. Do NOT use a power adapter with less amps than the enclosure requires, you will get a false negative on the enclosure, either because it will not turn on at all, or because it will, but the drive will not be recognized.

NEVER, under ANY circumstances, connect a donor's hard drive to a computer. Accessing donor data is a violation of FreeGeek's Data Security Policy. .

Open the enclosure and remove the donor's hard drive
  • Immediately give the donor's hard drive to a key holder to lock it up. (If there is no-one around then put it in the incoming hard drive box in Pre-build - under no circumstances leave the drive in Advanced Testing without a staff member! Also - save the hardware - screws, brackets, etc).
Assemble the enclosure for testing
  • Connect IDE ribbon cable or SATA cable to Advanced Testing Hard Drive.
  • Connect FireWire Cable, Mini FireWire and or USB Cable to the enclosure and the External HD Testing Computer. (Can't test External Serial ATA yet).
  • Is it a Maxtor enclosure?
    • Maxtor enclosures require Maxtor hard drives. Ask your instructor!
If it mounts and you are able to open the files on the drive (If you don't see it on desktop go to Places-> Computer and double-click on the icon)
  • Remove the Advanced Testing Hard Drive.
  • Put the hardware in a baggie inside the enclosure (the buyer will be grateful).
  • Fill out "Tested By" sticker - write in blank space whether it is SATA or IDE.
  • Put the enclosure in the Store Box *with its power adapter.*
If it does not mount
  • Try mounting it in command line if you know how. This Ubuntu reference article is a great place to get started.
If it still won't mount
  • Remove the Advanced Testing Hard Drive and recycle the enclosure.