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This is the home of the "Free Geek - Role Playing Game".

The Free Geek Role Playing Game was originally made by Martin Chase. It is a RPG similar to the famous "Dungons and Dragons". Each player creates a character, and has to navigate that character through situations dictated by the Game Master or GM. With more than one player, all of the characters also interact with one another, making the game feel very realistic.

Character Creation

The first thing the players do is develop a concept of the role they would like to play in the game. FG-RPG does this by having the Players create a character sheet using the RPG Character template. Examples of charestics can be found on the Character Creation page. Once they have filled out the Template, they jot down a short history about who they are.

Campaign settings

At the same time the players are creating their characters the Game Master creates the settings of the game.