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Many of the tasks below are accomplished by the facilities maintenance person.

Inspection Checklists


Maintainance Logs

HVAC Filters

Honke Heating, Gresham, 503-666-3725
Fred Meyer
True Value Hardware
Filter Log
Filters should be changed 2 times per year.
HEPA Filter?
Location Size Date
Unit One: Warehouse 28X29 missing
Unit Two: Receiving ??x?? disabled
Unit Three: Eval 12X21 need to replace
Unit Four: Store ??x?? June 2004
Unit Five: Admin/Lab ??x?? ???
Unit Six: Classroom ??x?? ???
Unit Seven: Meeting Room ??x?? ???

Fire Extinguishers

Sanderson's Safety and Supply
1101 SE 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97214
FE Log
Inspection tags good for one year.
Location Type Inspection Date
Lab/build ABC September 2008 (service)
Kitchen (volunteer) ABC September 2008 (service)
Kitchen (Staff) ABC September 2008 (service)
Kens space (down stairs) ABC September 2008 (serviced)
Evaluation ABC September 2008 (service)
Recycling ABC September 2008 (service)
Upstairs incl. Ken's Space ABC September 2008 (serviced)


units listed from north to south

UNIT ONE [Warehouse]
Located in the Warehouse, next to the door from Advanced Testing.
Thermostat is manual, on west side of a pillar, near the front, obscured by shelving.
Model Day & Night Co. Model 394GAW060175
Gas valves are located at the unit and at the meter.Gas line runs through Black Hole, then along back wall through Eval, Build, Back Stage, and out near rollup door. Facing meters, it is the one on the right.
Electrical switch is at the unit. Fed from ?
Info -Gas Unit with no Air Conditioning.
UNIT TWO [Receiving]
Located in the attic space above Receiving, with air conditioning condenser on roof.
Thermostat is programable, on west wall of Receiving.
Electric Furnace, fed from?
Info - Currently disabled, (make an rt ticket)
UNIT THREE [Evaluation]
Located on ceiling above Eval.
Thermostat Programmable, located on East wall of Eval II.
Model - Day & Night - 394GAW060175
Electric furnace, fed from panel on north wall of eval.
Info - Air conditioning?
Located above bathroom in Admin/Lab area.
Thermostat programable, located on north wall of Thrift Store.
Info - Has air conditioning.
UNIT FIVE [Admin/Lab]
Located On roof above Lab.
Serves all of space from Reception to Build.
Thermostat is programable, located on south wall of Lab. Honeywell TH800 Series File:VisionPro Owner manual.pdf
Model -
Gas runs accross roof, shut offs at unit and meter. Meter at south rollup door, is second to left,facing meters, same meter feeds other units. (will document which units later).
Info - Gas unit with air conditioning.
UNIT SIX [Classroom]
Located On roof above Store
Thermostat programable, located on north wall of the classroom near the door to Lab. Honeywell TH800 Series File:VisionPro Owner manual.pdf
Gas shut off's at roof unit, and at south rollup door,meter second to left, facing meters, shared by other units (to be documented later).
Info - Gas unit with air conditioning

check drain above store

UNIT SEVEN [Meeting Room]
Located in Art Studio above Meeting Room.
Thermostat manual, located on west wall in Library, next to Meeting Room door.
Electric? with air conditioning. Condenser located on roof? (need art stuff moved to access unit to clarify)
Info -


Locations listed in Unit Info above.
Batteries in programable thermostats should be changed annually
Month ?
Two AA batteries each?


(Listed from left to right when facing meters)

Meter One, key P-A, account# ends in 8657 7, Service Address: 1711 SE 10th Ave, A
Meter Two, key P-A, account# ends in 8658 5, Service Address: 1711 SE 10th Ave, B
Meter Three, Key P-A, account# ends in 8659 3, Service Address: 1731 SE 10th Ave
Meter Four, key P-A, account# ends in 8660 1, Service Address: 1735 SE 10th Ave
Meter Five, key P-B, account# ends in 8661 9, Service Address: 1741 SE 10th Ave
Meter Six, key P-B, services north upstairs (McGuire's other tenants)