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These tasks are overseen by the Administrative Services Department. Facilities & maintenance issues are coordinated by Darryl Kan .

The major goals of Facilities Maintenance work are to make the building functional and safe for its occupants.

Inspection Checklists

Download and print this detailed checklist periodically to make sure that the building is functioning and safe:

Inspections completed:

  • 2014: 1/11, 2/12, 3/19
  • 2013: 2/26, 3/26, 4/23, 5/21, 6/25, 7/20, 8/27, 9/27, 10/22, 12/10
  • 2012: 2/18, 5/18, 10/27, 12/19
  • 2011: 2/8, 4/22, 6/2, 9/20

A printed record of these Facility Walk-Throughs are kept on file by the Facilities Coordinator.

This is an overview for reference only:

Floor Plan

Here is the most up-to-date floor plan. It contains layers for:

  • Layout (walls, doors, etc)
  • Upstairs (walls, doors, etc)
  • Emergency Exits
  • Navigation Routes for Volunteers from the Front Desk
  • Room Names (including Upstairs)
  • Utilities
  • First Aid
  • Trash & Recycling
  • Locks
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Desks


Contractor List

We have used these contractors more than once as of January 2012.

Alarm System
Central Electronic Alarm
8435 Southeast Stark Street
Portland, OR 97216

Appliances (Refurb places listed from cheap to expensive)
DeWhitt Appliance
12518 NE Airport Way
Portland, Oregon 97230

Spencer's Appliance
7115 NE Glisan Street
Portland, OR 97213

Appliance City
4046 NE Cully Street
Portland, OR 97212

Christenson Electric Co (last used in November 2011, has done medium sized jobs)
Paul Garcia - sets up jobs
503-419-3300 main
503-887-7098 cell

Volt Electric (used July 2012, did smallish job)
Ryan Connor
503-889-6356 cell
Ryan at VoltElectric dot org

All Pro Electric (used late 2012, did medium sized job)
Kevin Poole
6327 SW Capitol HWY, Ste C #280
Portland, OR 97239-2190
Off 5O3-246-0361
Fax 5O3-246-0406

Fire Extinguisher Service
Sanderson's Safety and Supply
1101 SE 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97214

Fire Safety
Marc Ham
Fire Inspector (inspected Feb 2013)
Portland Fire & Rescue

Glass - Windows and Doors
Eastside Glass Co
Andy - 971-409-3510

Heating and Cooling
Honke Heating
Tom Hornoff - 503-209-4035

Locks & Keys
Atlasta Lock & Safe Co
702 Grand Ave
503-233-8763 (ask for showroom for lock service)
Troy Drog - our regular tech
503-519-0725 cell

Mike Patterson
Closes at 4:30 pm, Mon-Fri only.

Modern Plumbing Company
11120 SW Industrial Way, Bldg 9-3
Tualatin, OR 97062
(503) 691-6166
Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Security Film - makes glass inpenetrable after smashing
Pacific Window Tinting Inc
Jared Gray - 503-793-5848

Maintenance Logs

HVAC Service

  • For repairs or service we can do ourselves, we can get parts at Johnstone Supply which is at 1010 Southeast Ash Street, Portland - (503) 234-7221 www.johnstonesupply.com
  • When we need service, call Honke Heating, Gresham, 503-666-3725; Tom Hornoff (our regular guy) 503-209-4035

HVAC Filters

We buy air filters from:

  • Air Filter Sales, aka "Cam-Fil" (has many sizes): 5365 SE International Way, Milwaukie, OR 503-233-5101
Their regular hours as of March 2014: Mon-Fri 7:00am-3:30pm
Try to coordinate pickup of air filters with truck runs to the area, e.g. Hallmark dropoffs in Oregon City.
We order a high-quality filter called a "30-30" which has a green filter material.
They have many sizes in stock and can usually quickly make the custom sizes we need.
Here's the list* of filters we need for all HVAC units in our facility:

* This list is accurate as of March 2014.

Qty Size (inches) Nominal* or Exact Custom or Regular
1 27x30x1 Nominal Custom
1 13x21x1 Exact Custom
4 20x20x1 Nominal Regular
1 20x24x1 Nominal Regular
1 20x25x1 Nominal Regular

Note: *Nominal air filter sizes are 1/2 inch less than written. Exact size is the actual written dimensions.

  • Other Sources - in a pinch, you can also get filters from these other sources. Their filters are not as good for commercial use, but OK for temporary.
Hankins (True Value) Hardware - they have 20x20x1 and 20x24x1
1720 SE Hawthorne 503-236-2372
Fred Meyer - has common sizes

HVAC Filter Log

Filters are changed when they're dirty, usually every 2 to 6 months.
They're inspected during Monthly Facility Inspections, and changed as necessary.
  • Evaluating Filter Condition
    • If the filter is solid gray (on the inlet side), change it.
    • If the filter is dirty but not solid gray, it can be used for another month or so. You can vacuum the dirty side to let air flow through the filter better.
Area of Free Geek Filter Size Location of Filter Replaced Est Filter Life Last Action Notes
Warehouse 27x30x1 South wall near SDA 12/13, 1/14 1-2 months Inspected Mar 2014 Custom size, need to scrunch filter at the 2 back corners to install.

Air flows up through the filter.

Hardware Test 13x21x1 Treehouse (west side) 9/13, 12/13 1-3 months Inspected Mar 2014 Custom size, use exact measurement.

Air flows from the outside in through the filter.

Receiving 20x20x1 Receiving on ceiling 9/13, 12/13, 1/14, 3/14 1-2 months Replaced Mar 2014 Vacuum the grille as necessary. It can get very dirty, especially in the summer.

Air flows up through the filter.

Classroom / Laptops 20x24x1 Above Fancy Bath 9/13, 12/13, 2/14 2-3 months Inspected Mar 2014 Use very tall ladder leaning against fancy bathroom wall to access. Slide cover up to access filter. Filter is installed diagonally with the top of the filter to the left and the bottom of the filter to the right.

Air flows down to the left.

Main Hallway 20x25x1 Roof 8/13, 10/13 2-4 months Inspected Mar 2014 Need to bend filter to install (don't use metal frame filter). Use 5/16" nut driver to access filters.

Air flows up through the filter.

Store 20x20x1 Roof 9/13 4-6 months Inspected Mar 2014 Need to bend filter to install (don't use metal frame filter). Use 5/16" nut driver to access filters.

Air flows down through the filter.

South Side of Building (downstairs & upstairs) 20x20x1 --- need 2 Wine Cellar (north wall) 9/13, 10/13, 12/13, 1/14, 3/14 1-3 months Inspected Mar 2014 Air flows up through the 2 opposing diagonal filters.
Advanced Recycling Fan 20x20x1 East side of warehouse 9/13, 12/13, 2/14, 3/14 1-3 months Replaced Mar 2014 This filter is used with a box fan in Recycling where we work with very dusty parts (e.g. aluminum heat sinks).

Tape the fan to the back of the fan, with the inlet side out.

Emergency Egress Lighting Test Log

Emergency Exit Sign lighting is tested monthly and annually for Fire Safety compliance.
A map of all 16 (as of Feb 2013) exit signs is on the Free Geek Floor Plan at:

  • Free Geek Floor Plan (main floor)
  • Print a map to make this job easier.
  • Download the link above, saving it (don't just open it, or you won't be able to customize later).
  • You want only these 4 Tabs to be "Visible" and "Printable": Layout, Room Names, Exit Signs & Lights, and Utilities.
  • Find each tab and double click the tab name. Make sure "Visible" and "Printable" are checked. Click "OK". Then Print the page.

The monthly test is holding the test button on the emergency light for 30 seconds continuously.
The lighting passes if it stays on and does not get dimmer for the full 30 seconds.
The annual test involves cutting power to each emergency light and making sure it can stay on for 1.5 hours.

  • Recent Monthly Tests Completed:

2014: 1/15, 2/12, 3/19
2013: 2/22, 3/26, 4/23, 5/21, 6/25, 7/23, 8/28, 9/27, 10/22, 12/10

  • Annual Tests Completed:

2/10/2013, 2/23/14

  • Here's a chart to help you know which circuit breakers to turn off when you do the annual test. The map you printed will show you a "Unit #" next to each EXIT sign which corresponds to the "Unit #" below in this chart. The map also shows a lightning symbol near each Electrical Panel so you can find it in the building.
Location Unit # Panel-Circuit
Warehouse-NW 1 A1-L4
Warehouse-NE 2 A2-R10
SDA-Warehouse Door 3 B-18
Receiving Hallway 4 B-3
SDA towards Receiving 5 B-17
Receiving-Outside Door 6 B-17
Front Desk-Outside Door 7 B-17
Build Room 8 C-30
Laptop/Class Hallway 9 D-10&11
Classroom 10 D-27
Thrift Store 11 D-24
Bathrooms-South Dock 12 D-5
Big Kitchen 13 E-6
Internet Area 14 E-8
Meeting Room 15 E-28
Employee Exit 16 E-28

Here's a paper log you can print that the Fire Inspector approved (Marc Ham, Feb 2013):

Fire Extinguishers

Sanderson's Safety and Supply
1101 SE 3rd Ave
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 238-5700

Fire Extinguisher Log

Inspection tags good for one year. Sanderson used to automatically schedule yearly inspections, but we needed to call them in January 2012 to set up an inspection.

Here's a list of our fire extinguishers:

Location Type Professional Inspection Date
Big Office (upstairs) ABC January 2014
Classroom / Laptops ABC January 2014
Front Desk ABC January 2014
Hardware Test ABC January 2014
Kitchen (large) ABC January 2014
Kitchen (small) ABC January 2014
Office (upstairs) ABC January 2014
Warehouse ABC January 2014
Server Room ABC January 2014
Tech Support (smaller unit) ABC January 2014
Treehouse / Attic (upstairs) ABC January 2014
Thrift Store (storage room) ABC January 2014
Wine Cellar (upstairs) ABC January 2014

Central Vacuum Systems

  • We have two central vacuum systems for cleaning computers:
    • One for the Secure Data Area
      • The SDA central vacuum is a Nutone Model SV-400, purchased in 2013.
    • A second system for the Build Evaluation and Test Area.
      • The BETA Central vacuum is a Nutone Model SV-450, purchased in approx 2009.
  • The vacuum units themselves are located above in the Attic / Mezzanine (for SDA) and the Treehouse (for BETA).
  • Checking the vacuum bags for each system is a monthly duty for the person in charge of facilities.

BETA Central Vacuum

  • The BETA Central Vacuum unit is located upstairs in the Treehouse.
  • Near the SW corner of the Treehouse, you'll see a large wooden box about the size of a water heater.
  • The box is a sound muffler for the actual vacuum.
Changing the BETA Vacuum Bag
  • Don't do this job if you have dust allergies. Even if you don't have allergies, you might want to wear a dustmask.
  • Go upstairs into the treehouse and locate the central vacuum canister near the SW corner.
  • Turn off the power strip to the right of the canister.
  • Undo the two clips along the waistline of the vacuum, then undo the hanging canister from the unit above.
  • Check the vacuum bag for fullness. If it's full, carefully pull it down.
  • Replace it with one of the bags near the other central vacuum unit which is in the attic along the north wall.
  • If we're running low on bags, remember to make an R/T ticket in the Supplies queue.
  • Replace the cannister, and snap the clips securely.

SDA Central Vacuum

  • The SDA Central Vacuum unit is located upstairs in the Attic / Mezzanine.
  • After you go up the stairs, turn right to face the Attic. The North wall is on your left.
  • The vacuum unit is the large red drum mounted in the center of the North Wall.
Changing the SDA Vacuum Bag
  • Don't do this job if you have dust allergies. Even if you don't have allergies, you might want to wear a dustmask.
  • Take note that the vacuum is plugged into the higher of the two nearby plug boxes. On that higher box, the vacuum gets plugged into the upper plug.
  • Unplug the vacuum.
  • Undo the two clips along the waistline of the vacuum, then undo the hanging cannister from the unit above.
  • If the bag is full, pull it down and replace it with one of the bags nearby.
  • If we're running low on bags, remember to make an R/T ticket in the Supplies queue.
  • Replace the cannister, and snap the clips securely.
  • Plug the vacuum back into the upper plugs of the higher box.


units listed from north to south

Located in the Warehouse, next to the door from Pre Build.
Serves the Warehouse
Thermostat is programmable, on a pillar, near Advanced Recycling (near the east windows).
Gas valves are located at the unit and at the meter.Gas line runs West through Gaylord Country, then South through BETA, Build, Laptops, and out near rollup door. Facing meters, it is the one on the right.
Electrical switch at the unit.
Info -Gas Unit, no Air Conditioning.
Located in the attic space above Receiving, with air conditioning condenser on roof.
Serves Receiving area, basic test area.
Thermostat is programmable, on wall of Receiving.
Electrical switch at the unit.
Info - Gas Unit with Air Conditioning.
Located in Treehouse above BETA.
Serves BETA, Hardware ID.
Thermostat Programmable, located across from East wall.
Model - Day & Night - 394GAW060175
Electric furnace, fed from panel on north wall of BETA
Info -
Located above fancy bathroom.
Serves store
Thermostat programmable, located on north wall of Thrift Store.
Gas Furnace
Info - Has air conditioning.
Located in Server Room which is east of Build, north of MacLand.
Serves Server Room only
Thermostat located in Server Room
Model Fujitsu - mini-split
Electric Air conditioning only. Condenser located on roof.
Info -
Located On roof above Mac Land.
Serves all space from Reception to Build.
Thermostat is programable, located on south wall of Lab. Honeywell TH800 Series File:VisionPro Owner manual.pdf
Model -
Gas runs across roof, shut offs at unit and meter. Meter at south rollup door is second from left facing meters, same meter feeds other units.
Info - Gas unit with air conditioning.
Located On roof above Store
Serves Classroom and Laptop Build
Thermostat programmable, located on north wall of the classroom near the door to Lab. Honeywell TH800 Series File:VisionPro Owner manual.pdf
Gas shut off's at roof unit, and at south rollup door,meter second to left, facing meters, shared by other units (to be documented later).
Info - Gas unit with air conditioning

check drain above store

Located in Wine Cellar closet upstairs.
Serves meeting room, Monkeyhouse, Lounge, Library, Kitchen
Thermostat programmable - located in Community Internet / Library.
Electric with air conditioning. Condenser located on roof.
Info -


Locations listed in Unit Info above.
Batteries in programable thermostats should be changed annually
Month ?
Two AAA batteries each


(Listed from left to right when facing meters)

Meter One, key P-A, account# ends in 8657 7, Service Address: 1711 SE 10th Ave, A
Meter Two, key P-A, account# ends in 8658 5, Service Address: 1711 SE 10th Ave, B
Meter Three, Key P-A, account# ends in 8659 3, Service Address: 1731 SE 10th Ave
Meter Four, key P-A, account# ends in 8660 1, Service Address: 1735 SE 10th Ave
Meter Five, key P-B, account# ends in 8661 9, Service Address: 1741 SE 10th Ave
Meter Six, key P-B, services north upstairs (McGuire's other tenants)