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  • Workshops on FOSS and Ubuntu
  • Showing of Revolution OS

Event Layout

Big, loud bands should be outside, and the mellower stuff should be inside. Oso's looking into getting great big tents for outside. We're thinking of using the Manta Ray stage - it's easier to get to.


  • LAN party by Backspace in meeting room or lab (Jeff)
  • Videos?
  • Stuff inside
    • Dance - Capoeira (Ian)
    • Downtempo music: Lance, acoustic music (Ian)
    • Workshops/speakers
  • Futons from Love Tribe (Ian/Oso)
  • Food: Redwing/Green Bean, vegan frozen treat girl, Imbibe?
  • Beat the Geek (Dave's on board)
  • Kids' Area - if we can find coordinator
  • Dunk Tank (Oso)
  • Water Feature
  • Chunk 666 tall bike jousting (perhaps get a bleacher for this?)
  • Smashtacular (Jhasen)
  • Music: Sprockettes (Ian), Bad Mintons (Laurel), Empty Room (Shawn), Like a Circus Fire (Shawn), Black Peppercorns? (Liane), Vagabond Opera (Ian)
  • Clown, caricature-draw-er? (Ian and Oso)

Musicians and Performers

Fundraising Ideas

  • Booth Fees
  • Raffle Tickets
  • Silent Auction
  • Sidewalk Sale (thrift store)

Alcohol Sales

Let's look at this possibility. We'd have to cordon off an area. We could sell soda from the beer garden too. We should look into control factors so possibly we could mix the party up a little more. Some people might have some issues with this.