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'''General Information about the Forklift'''
'''General Information about the Forklift'''

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General Information about the Forklift

  • Purchased refurbished Clark T15 in August 2006.
  • Vendor: Norlift
  • Sales: Kevin Hannum
    • Norlift 503-659-LIFT
  • Preventative Maintenance (PM) June/December
    • Ken Ferguson 503-519-1541
  • Repairs call Premier Repairservice
    • As of October 2011, the technician is Sean.
    • 503-691-1430

Forklift Maintenance

Forklift Maintenance for Clark T15

Forklift Operator Training

Before a staff member may drive the forklift they must be trained. They have to fill out (with their buddy) the Forklift Training Checklist

  • current certified drivers and date of training:
    • Cliff
      • Trained by Norlift on 11/06/06 (Train the Trainer Program)
      • Re-Certified by Darryl on 11/12/09
    • Liane
      • Trained by Norlift on 11/06/06 (Train the Trainer Program)
      • Re-Certified by Cliff on 11/12/09
    • Darryl
      • Trained by Cliff in October 2007
      • Re-Certified by Liane on 11/12/09
    • John A
      • Trained by Cliff May 2011
      • Certified by Cliff May 2011