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Keeping our Forklift happy and ready to roll

We bought our new (refurbished) forklift in August 2006. It is a Clark T15. It should also have another name(remember the L-Wing?).

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Daily checklist

  • Wheels

Remove nails or other object that get stuck in the rubber wheels.

  • Forks

Make sure forks are locked in position.

Weekly checklist and maintainance

  • Charging the Battery

Let the charge get down to or below 20%, then charge. Deep discharge before charging will prolong battery life & prevent "memory" problems.

How does the charger work? = There is no "ON" switch, just plug it into the battery, & wait about 5 seconds, you'll hear the hum. It will stop by itself.

There is a "STOP" switch if we wanna stop the charge for any reason.

  • Equalizing

Every 5th charge "EQUALIZE" with the normal charge by pushing the equalize button on the charger. If you're not sure how many charges since last "equalize" check calendar above charger.

  • Water

Check the water level in each cell AFTER charging, & after the water has cooled a bit - like the morning after the charge. Adding tap water - with all its minerals & junk - will shorten battery life.

To charge the battery

  1. shut down the forklift completely
  2. open up and fold back the seat lid over the battery
  3. unplug the huge cable from the forklift and plug it into the charger
  4. wait 5 seconds, you'll hear a hum when charger is working
  5. the charger will shut down by it self, reconnect big cable to battery, and fold down the seat. Please make sure the cable doesn't get pinched on the left side of the seat and is fully inserted.

Note: charging the battery produces hydrogen gas bubbles coming out of the battery. DO NOT smoke near the battery when the seat lid is up, especially not while charging is going on.

  • Acid

We do not refill Acid on the battery. This should be done at the forklift repairshop. The PM contract mechanic will recommend it if needed.

PM contract

  • see RT ticket 5562

Forklift Vendor


  • Sales: Kevin Hannum
    • 503-659-LIFT
    • cell 503 209 0987
    • Office 503 659 5438

Forklift Driver Certification

The rules for powered industrial trucks(forklifts) is found @ in Division 2 sub-division N. Forklift operators are not required to have an OR drivers license, nor is an OR/OSHA class needed. All lift truck drivers have to be trained and evaluated. The duty of the employer is to verify(certify)that the training is accomplished in accordance with the rules. Certification is making sure the individual knows what they are doing and the training is documented :when and who did the training for whom. My recommendations are look at the rules for training operators in 1910.178(l),and meet the intent of the rule however it works best for you and your company.

  • current certified drivers and date of training:
    • Cliff
      • 11/06/06
      • trained by Norlift
    • Dave
      • 11/06/06
      • trained by Norlift
    • Sergio
      • 11/06/06
      • trained by Norlift
    • Liane
      • 11/06/06
      • trained by Norlift
    • Darryl
      • trained by Cliff