Franchising and the Free Geek Intergalactic Organization

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This meeting took place on Saturday, July 29, 2006 from 9:30 am - 10.45 am.


From Free Geek Portland: Richard (facilitater), Oso, Matteo, Michael (scribe), Martin

(late) ??? Shawn, Nathan

Also in attendance:

  • Scott Merrill (FG Columbus)
  • Casey Milford (FG Arkansas)
  • John Billings (FG Michiana and FG Chicago)
  • Tom, Chris, Rob (Olympia)

Overview of Franchise Process

This is a presentation with Q & A

  • caveat: a lawyer may want to tweak whatever we say or come up with
  1. Stages:
    • One:
      • Do you understand what Free Geek is (with some degree of detail)?
        1. Mission Statement
        2. Principles
      • Is that what you want to do (really)?
      • Do you have a realistic understanding of what this entails?
      • Can we communicate with you? Are you involved in the larger community?
    • Two:
      • Lots more details about actually getting up and running, business plans, etc. (Way incomplete at this point.)
  2. Types of relationships:
    • Official Free Geek -- you can use the name
    • Affiliate of Free Geek -- part of a larger, looser network -- you can't use the name, however.

Free Geek Intergalactic

This is an open discussion.

  • Mission of Free Geek Intergalactic (open conversation)
    • What should it be? Early on, vs. down the line?
  • Structure (open conversation)
    • How should it work? Starting more informally? And gaining more structure as necessary?

Next Steps

  • What do we need to do to make all this happen?