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Free Geek Michiana
  • Address:
1213 Humboldt St.
South Bend, IN 46628
  • WWW:
  • Doc:
  • Email: tbrown@michiana.org
  • Phone: 574-298-2706 cell
Size Info
  • Staff:
  • volunteers:
  • Areas: computer refurb and recycling
  • Size:
  • Revenue:
  • Contact: Tom Brown
  • Primordial Ooze:
  • Catalyst:
  • Date Founded:
  • Company Type: non-profit
  • Free Geek Status: affiliate

http://www.freegeekmichiana.org/ (umm our website is temporarily down)

A lot of what there is to know about FREE GEEK Michiana is logged in the archives of our mailing list, here: http://www.freelists.org/archives/frgeek-michiana/

One thing FGM has always been cognizant of, is South Bend ain't Portland. While we understand the spirit of what FREE GEEK is all about, our programs and culture are somewhat different having to do with our geography. If you can make it in the midwest, you can make it anywhere.

So why does our web site resolve here? A while back our web server hard drive failed. Like manly Midwestern geeks we don't make frequent backups. Actually, we thought we had a backup. Turns out we didn't. The Way Back Machine at Archive.org appears to have a pretty good grab of our site. If we are lucky, they will permit us to download our old code, and a local data center may let us colo a box at no cost.

Here's what you need to know otherwise.

  • FREE GEEK Michiana (FGM) volunteers meet twice weekly 6:00 to 10:00 PM, Tu and Th evenings, at 743 W. Chippewa in South Bend, IN. Our office is donated space inside an old factory now called the Studebaker Business Center.
  • To save money we use our personal cell phones to conduct business. Call us at 574-298-2706 -- that's my cell number.
  • FGM accepts computer equipment for free, except for monitors. We charge $15 for monitors, working or not. Please donate cash with the gift of your computer if you can. It really helps.
  • Please volunteer. If you have computer skills, wonderful! If you don't, we'll teach you. Free and open source software (FOSS) is terrific. Because of FOSS, we can teach and learn almost anything there is to know about computing.
  • Our primary mission is keep computer components out of our landfill. FGM refurbs computer systems to distribute to low income families. Currently, we are preparing computers for a Parent Teacher Organization to give to 60 targeted households in the Perley primary school district in South Bend.