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Free Geek Olympia started at the beginning of 2005. Our core group has about fifteen people in it as of September 2005. We meet every Sunday from 4 to 6 pm at The Free School in downtown Olympia 808 Jefferson St. SE.

We started in Febuary of 2005, and are accepting donations, recycling, building infrastructue, and bootstrapping our distribution program. We are investigating possibilities of working in conjunction with Thurston County waste management, looking to upgrade our space, and undergoing general organizational birthing pains (Yay, it's a mutant!).

Current (official) hours of operation are Thursday and Saturday from 1PM to 7PM. We have recently taken over the old Free School, and thus expaned our space from an attic to an entire house. We are looking to expand further to a warehouse in Olympia.

For more information, call The Free School @ 360.352.4165 or email

In our ongoing, and likely futile, attempts to be as cool as the mothership, we've started a wiki (The wiki is still rough, with many stubs, but includes meeting minutes, some work procedure guidance, and draft organizing stuff, among other things.)