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Sent by Laurel to council on August 6, 2004. These principles were approved by the council shortly thereafter. Also see Free Geek's Trademark Fair Use POLICY.

FREE GEEK Fair Use Principles

An organization that would be affiliated with FREE GEEK must:

  1. Have a mission that is similar to and does not contradict the FREE GEEK PDX Mission Statement.
  1. Dispose of equipment in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner.
  1. Use Free/Open Source Software wherever possible and must promote the Free Software philosophy in other ways, such as transparent collaboration with others.
  1. Provide low- and no-cost computer technology and training to their community.

An organization that would use the FREE GEEK name must additionally:

  1. Be democratically run in a non-hierarchical way that is open and transparent to all participants in its programs.
  1. Be a non-profit business (as legally defined in their location)and must follow honest business practices and have the stated goal of advancing the common good.