Free Geek Startup Trademark Use Application

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This is part of the Free Geek Trademark process, whereby a Free Geek startup organization can be recognized as an official Free Geek or an official Affiliate of Free Geek.

Why are we doing this?

We need some way to ensure that new Free Geeks actually understand what "Free Geek" means, and that they're involved in the larger Free Geek community. We also want to help ensure that new startups have a feasible startup plan.


This list of questions can be overwhelming to consider, but it's not as overwhelming as actually starting up a new Free Geek. When allowing a new startup to affiliate or use the Free Geek name, we don't require that every last thing is ready. That could stifle a startup right off the bat, which is not what we're trying to do. But we do want to know that new folks have at least thought about it all and have an idea of what they're getting into.

We are in the process of breaking this application into a two part process. Here's the basic outline of the process:

Step One
Make sure you understand what a Free Geek is and establish communication with the mothership:
Step Two
Once you've achieved preliminary status a more thorough application process starts. In this stage we'll help the applicant through the processes of:
  • Incorporation
  • Setting up your decision making bodies
  • Getting your bylaws together
  • Learning how to run your organization in a democratic and inclusive way without bogging down in too much process
  • Researching the recycling industry in your area
  • Building up your infrastructure
  • Recruiting volunteers to help out
  • When ready, submit a much more lengthy application for ongoing status as a Free Geek or affiliate

Final Application for Ongoing Status

The Final Application for Ongoing Status as a Free Geek can be a little daunting. Our aim is to make sure you understand the scope of the work needed to start up a Free Geek. We will assist groups with preliminary status in working through their application and developing their startup plans.