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They may or may not be using the name FREE GEEK, but there are people out there who are working on projects much like ours.

When we hear from someone who wants to start a freegeek or join a similar group in their area, we refer them to the startup email list [1], where they can search the archives for mention of their location or sign up and ask if there are lurkers local to them.

We came up with the Free Geek Principles in order to guide those who might want to use our name; sort of a copyright kinda thing, a distillation of what's most important to us about what we do.

Those using our name:

Other projects we work with:

Projects we've crossed paths with:

  • Longrun Project (Ashland, Wisconsin [[9]])
  • Metareciclagem (Brazil
  • ReLectronics (Bellingham, Washington [[10]])
  • Recycle Hawaii / Community Technology Center of Hawaii (Hilo, Hawaii [[11]])

(very incomplete list!)

Starting a new Free Geek:

Being A Free Geek Ambassador

  • Encourage other geeks to join the dicussion on the Startup Listserve and irc.
  • Show the Startup where the relevent wiki pages are.
  • Maintin an understanding of how things are going for said startups

Here are a list of things for an ambassador to be aware of

  • who is your primary contact at the Startup
  • know how Startup Free Geek operates on a day to day basis
  • know what jobs are filled by who and how they "do their thang"
 * whois the recycling coordinator
 * whois the network person/ do they have an ASS
 * who does their books
 * what education do they offer, how?
 * do they have a grants program
 * do they have a store? what do they carry? what principles guide their store?

Join the Mailing List

If you want to join in the conversation with other people starting (or wanting to start) a new Free Geek, you probably want to sign up for our startup mailing list. Ask and answer questions. Ask for and give advice.

Visit to sign up.