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This is a template for a report that will hopefully be used for accounting by all of the Free Geeks with some regularity or upon request.

Organizational income/expenses
As much accounting as can be mustered since the last report.
Organizational assets/liabilities
Somewhat related to the last item
List of vendors and proof of business
Names and contact information of all downstream vendors.
A copy of a bill of lading as proof
Number of active volunteers
And some definition of active volunteer, which is up to you.
Number of systems disbursed
Monthly, yearly, with as much specificity, since the last report.
Health and safety plan and policy
This concerns removing hazardous materials in the event of unexpected closure.
Minutes from board and council meetings
From most recent meeting, and a link to your minutes in archive.
List of board and staff members and their contact information
With an assurance from us that we won't bother them unless absolutely necessarily.