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{{FreekBox Specs}}
{{FreekBox Specs}}
(also listed on our [http://freegeek.org/freekbox.php web page])
(also listed on our [http://freegeek.org/freekbox.php web page] presently out of date?)
=== software specs (partial) ===
=== software specs (partial) ===

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A FreekBox is the most common kind of computer built in our Build Program. It is given to an Adoption Program volunteer after 24 hours of service, or to a Build program volunteer after he or she has built 6 systems (including the one they are given). Occasionally, FreekBoxen are distributed via the Hardware Grants program.

Freekbox 3 (current)

current hardware specs

(they generally rise over time)

FreekBox Specs

Intel Core 2 Duo
1 GB
Hard drive
120-160 GB
Ethernet 10/100 PCI
Video card
Onboard, or 128MB PCIe if necessary
Onboard, or PCI if necessary

(also listed on our web page presently out of date?)

software specs (partial)

  • Debian/GNU Linux (sarge)
  • KDE desktop
  • Openoffice.org office suite
  • Firefox web browser

see Installer_CD for a list of available installation CDs.

see FreekBox Development for proposed and upcoming changes to FreekBox3 (this work is the province of Distro group).

The manual is not available online. If you have an SVN account, you can check it out through that. You can also check the web site, but currently that is a FreekBox 2 manual.

FreekBox 2

This box had lower hardware specs which evolved over the years. It was based on Debian GNU/Linux (woody), and used the IceWM window manager plus KDE's desktop (to provide icons on the desktop).

FreekBox 1

This was the first standardized box we built. It was based on Mandrake GNU/Linux.

(Mandrake was an earlier incarnation of what is now known as Mandriva Linux. It is based on the Redhat Package Management (RPM) system, unlike Debian and Ubuntu.)