Freekbox Ethernet Configuration

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Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)

Most ethernet connections in Hardy will "just work", however there may be some circumstances where extra configuration is needed. If you are having trouble connecting, first make sure that cables are connected properly,and that you have the right cable. Then check the network applet (icon in the upper gnome panel that looks like two monitors, one slightly in front of the other). If it has an orange spot, it is not connected (though this is not a reliable feature in dialup and wireless connections). If it says it is connected (no orange spot), check the ip address (right-click>Connection Information). If the IP address is zeroes or starts with 169, then it is not really connected.

Things to try.

  • Right-Click, Click to remove the check mark on "Enable Networking", then do it again to re-enable. This will cause the box to ask for a new address.
  • Go to System>Administration>Network
    • Make sure that all interfaces are set to roaming mode
  • Cable and dsl modems often have to be rebooted before they will connect with a new computer. Try turning off the computer, modem and any intervening router or hub and then booting them in order, starting from the one nearest (cable distance) to the wall.