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Free Geek will support you in your efforts to use your FreekBox, with certain limits. For the first year after adoption you are welcome to phone in or drop in with questions during Technical Support hours or join the FreekBox e-mail list (http://lists.freegeek.org/freekbox) and write in questions.

Free Geek promises that the hardware and software on this system will work properly for one year after adoption if:

  1. the system has not been modified (except by Free Geek) and
  2. it has been used as intended regularly since adoption and
  3. it is used by the original Adopter or someone else who has taken the Adoption class at Free Geek.

Free Geek will attempt to correct problems over the telephone, if requested, but the adopter should be prepared to bring the machine back to Free Geek. Free Geek will solve the problem by either repairing or replacing the system or any of its components, including reinstallation of our software if necessary. Replacements will be similar to or better than the original equipment. Every reasonable effort will be made to solve the problem quickly, but because of Free Geek's volunteer nature the machine may need to be left with us for some days.

While Free Geek will make an effort to protect user data including screen savers and other personalizations this cannot be guaranteed. It is often not possible. Adopters should keep backups of their important data.

Third party software (software not provided by Free Geek) is not covered by this agreement. We will help you, or point you to sources of help, if possible, but don't have the resources to keep up with changing conditions.