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  • the social email list
  • the Community Council, if you're interested in helping to shape free geek
  • the irc channel #freegeek, on
  • Events Calendar
  • Cookbook please append authorship
  • Stories tell them if you got them
  • ThirstyThirdThursTheater A monthly social screening of pop and indy movies
  • GeekWars: geeks hunt and kill each other from the safety of their own chairs. Everything you have ever heard about LAN Parties plus movies!
  • Craft Night every Monday from 7-10 pm Nathan hosts the crafty

And don't forget to just introduce yourself around. That does wonders for your "people who say hi to you" total. (In case you were wondering how this game is won, that's an important score.)

Portland WikiWednesdays

So a buncha us Portland wikifreaks had our first meeting of Portland WikiWednesdays last week, at the offices of]. It was lots of fun, and it looks like we'll be meeting monthly. We've set up a mailing list via Google Groups to coordinate, so please sign up if you're interested! PDXwiki

There were roughly a dozen of us, with experience and interests in various Wiki projects. We generally agreed that it would be good to reach out to the public and non-techy folks to promote the concept of wiki collaboration, that we should have some hands-on "work sessions" where we collaborate on a certain wiki or a certain article as a group, and that presentations by people with specific projects to share would be fun. I'm pretty sure we'll continue to meet the first Wednesday of the month, at AboutUs, for the foreseeable future.

So, come on down if you can! Feel free to sign up for the email list even if you're not in Portland…we may get to the point of streaming meetings over the web, or some such fanciness. -Pete 18:23, 8 September 2007 (PDT)

WikiWednesday meetup

OK, I wasn't jokin about this. Wednesday, Oct. 3 is the day.

Portland's WikiWednesday group is meeting up again this week! Come on down and share some wikilove…or just drink some beer and run your mouth, it's a pretty loose group. Whatever works.

Yes, this Wednesday (Oct. 3), 6:30 p.m. at the AboutUs space (107 SE Washington St., Suite 520, Portland, OR 97214). If you have any trouble getting into the building, call the offices at (503) 488-5763.

  • MarkDilley has volunteered to come up with an intro to wiki discussion/activity
  • We'll have refreshments, it's also been suggested that at around 9/9:30 the event might adjourn to the Produce Row Cafe down the street for beers and the more informal pub-related chats.

If there's time/interest, I'm hoping to do a quick presentation on WikiProject Oregon and the new Collaboration of the Week that AboutMovies has got going. As for the rest, we've adopted an open system where basically, whoever has something cool to share, shares it, and if nobody's sharing, we split off into smaller groups to work on wiki sites.

It's great fun, you should come -- and invite that family member/co-worker/hottie from the coffee shop that doesn't quite get what wikis are about yet. -Pete 06:39, 2 October 2007 (UTC)