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Templates are pages in the template namespace. This means any page beginning with "Template:", such as [[Template:Templatename]]. The content of a template can be added to a page by typing {{templatename}}.

Templates are used to add recurring messages to pages in a consistent way, to add boilerplate messages, to create navigational boxes and to provide cross-language portability of texts.

This page lists existing templates which you may find useful. For information on what templates are and how to use them, please see Wikipedia:Template namespace.

FreekiWiki Template Categories


  • Event Planning
  • Maintenance/Cleanup
  • Policies and procedures

Free Geek Info

  • Address
  • Tech Support Hours
  • Telephone

Free Geek Specs

  • Freek Box
  • Grant Box
  • Store Box


  • stubs
  • stubs
  • stubs

Related pages for specific types of templates


When new template messages enter into use please add them to one of these pages.
If you can't find the template that you need, you can request it on FreekiWiki:Requested templates