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* Return cards neatly to card box.
* Return cards neatly to card box.
* Put all binders back where they belong.
* Put all binders back where they belong.
* Empty coffee pot or save and left over coffee and clean it.
* '''Empty coffee pot and clean all parts until they wipe clean with a paper towel.'''
==Money Handlers==
==Money Handlers==

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Please don't post plain text email or other personal information (such as addresses or phone numbers) on the wiki. For more details on acceptable email formats, see Email address use.

This page provides information on what needs to be done while working at the front desk.

Pre-Opening Tasks

  • Clean front desk as needed (sweep, vacuum, mop, dust)
  • Make Coffee in urn
    • remove basket & stem
    • fill urn with COLD water to 42 cup line inside
    • place stem into hole in bottom of urn
    • use 4 cups of ground coffee
    • spread grounds evenly in basket & place on stem, none can fall into stem!
    • twist & lock lid onto urn - see arrows on lid
    • plug in & wait - approx. 40 minutes until done
    • CAREFULLY remove basket (HOT!!) when done percolating to prevent bitter flavor
    • replace & secure lid
    • DO NOT move urn when full, warm or in use
    • clean urn with soap & water 1x per week minimum
    • clean with vinegar & water mixture every 2 weeks ( 1 quart water & 1 quart white vinegar)
  • Stock (4) bathrooms with TP (2 rolls each) & paper towels as needed
    • Check to make sure the dispensers work. (They may need batteries replaced.)
  • Fill all (4) bathroom soap dispensers with 1/3 Castille soap & 2/3 water
  • Fill both (2) dishwashing soap dispensers with 1/3 Concentrated dish soap & 2/3 water
  • Acquire & count cash drawer
    • (Be sure to initial your count.)
  • Turn on all computers in front desk area and log in
  • Prepare Staff Schedule sheet. Color code prebuild (pink), recycling (green) and hardware donations (yellow) staffers and shifts.
  • Put out current volunteer schedule sheets for build and adoption.
  • Review all emails to "frontdesk@..." for cancellations, group volunteering, etc. Make calls & edit schedule accordingly.
  • Review phone messages messages
    • Return calls.
    • Send e-mail messages to staff or committees as needed.
    • Check schedule sheet and record cancellations as needed.
  • Make reminder calls for all classes, including FreekBox Adoption Classes and Command Line classes.
  • Check hardware donation forms supply and print new forms as needed.
  • Print new schedule pages, adoption & build packets, volunteer brochures, build status sheets, new volunteer forms, tech support forms - all as needed
  • Notify MK if close to out of: white volunteer cards, yellow class cards, or Jason's tech support cards
  • Notify MK or Liane when close to out of coffee supplies or office supplies. Do not wait until you are out. There is a lag time.
  • Check and add printer paper if needed.
  • Put previous day's staff schedule (3-hole punch, 1st) into notebook

Tasks Done During Work Hours

Volunteers & Donors

Using the Phone


  • Print necessary items through Dead trees.
    • Build packets.
    • Adoption packets.
    • Brochures.
    • Schedule sheets.

Miscellaneous Important Tasks

  • Check area for miscellaneous junk. Remove junk.
  • Ensure tour guide is available. Regularly Scheduled Tour Guides
  • Occasional community service volunteer processing.
  • See PayPal and/or on-line Donations
  • Schedule classes for outside volunteers. Volunteers from here should be signed up regardless of how many hours they have recorded. Sometimes they may need special classes. If this is the case talk to Liane.
  • Check build status book for missing information and alphabetize pages if needed.
  • Remove Free Geek's fax number from unwanted solicitation faxes
  • Provide information on how to get tech support
  • How to handle requested pick-up calls: take the request and e-mail it to pickup at freegeek dot org.
  • If Spanish speakers come to inquire about volunteering, print out the Spanish info sheet from the website [Cómo Voluntario]
  • Update Wiki for Front Desk


  • Erase all marked contribution slips.
  • Recycle notes.
  • Put pens, pencils, scissors, etc. back where they belong.
  • Bus cups and plates that may be at the front desk area.
  • Put left items in lost & found.
  • Return cards neatly to card box.
  • Put all binders back where they belong.
  • Empty coffee pot and clean all parts until they wipe clean with a paper towel.

Money Handlers

Go to this page to see who's been approved to handle money at Free Geek. If someone wants to handle money, have 'em send an email to staff.

Training Check Lists for Front Desk Folks