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The following orientation form should be printed out, completed, and placed in the new Front Desk worker's file.

Front Desk Orientation Checklist

When new front desk worker is hired, there are several steps that need to be performed. It's the buddy's job to make certain these steps are accomplished. Most of these things must be done by other people but it's the buddy's responsibility to make certain that it gets done and that a complete hard copy of this document exists in the new worker's file.

The buddy needs to determine an orientation schedule, and will need to arrange appointments with other staff members or interns who are responsible for parts of the orientation. Please orient new front desk worker on the following.

New Front Desk Worker's Name: __________________________________

Buddy's Name: _____________________________________

Policy Briefing Date Trainee Initials Staff Initials
Create & file a folder under Admin: last name, first name
Volunteer Intern Contract: review, sign & file
Requesting schedule changes/days off: provide contact info
Arriving Late and Cancellations/Calling in Sick: provide contact info
Signing Checks, Contracts, Invoices: don't do it!
Explain that this position is at-will employment and that he/she is subject to reviews
Emergency Info Request: enter ER contact, phone # & any allergies into database
Take Orientation tour

Physical Orientation Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Review building layout, public accessibility and names for various areas
Safety training. Details on that page.
Review (After Hours Access Policy)
Indicate available admin workspaces
Review layout behind donor desk: tools, files & till
Review layout behind volunteer desk: tools, files & bag check

Technical Stuff Date New Hire Initials Staff Initials
Create a Free Geek email address
Orient to Squirrelmail:
Create database account
Create wiki account
Add to Email Lists (frontdesk, regulars, tours, social)
Update Volunteer Internship Schedule with start & end dates, schedule & tasks

Technical Infrastructure Orientation Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Database http://data/ (only accessible from inside FG)

Cultural Orientation Date New Hire Initials Staff Initials
Orientation to our meeting structure (Facilitating, Scribing, Consensus)
Introduced around to core volunteers
Introduced around to staff: indicate collective member
Explain what to expect the first few weeks
How to tell you're doing well (on time, floor shifts, moving position forward, commitments)
Free Geek FAQ
Standing Staff Committees What the committees do and where to send what emails
Netiquette at Free Geek
Documentation (why it's important, where to document what)
Where to park your car
Full policy list

General Training Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Making coffee
Restocking 4 bathrooms: toilet paper, paper towels & hand soap ( 1 part soap to 2 parts water)
Restocking 2 kitchens: sponge & dish soap (1 part soap to 2 parts water)
Restocking coffee area: spoons in cup, sugar & creamer
Turning on computers & logging in
Keeping area tidy throughout day
Supply request: know what you need, ask BEFORE out
Answering the phone
Interacting with volunteers who speak a foreign language [[1]]
Understanding Cleaning procedures to schedule & teach volunteers

Volunteer Desk Training Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Checking bags: Bag Check Policy
Checking in volunteers
Logging volunteer hours in database
Prepping staff schedule: highlight prebuild (pink), recycling (green), receiving (yellow), front desk (orange)
Signing up or guiding volunteers on shifts: adoption, pre-build, build, post-build
Understand Scheduling Exceptions
Adding a volunteer to the database
Checking the phone messages: return calls, send email messages, mark cancellations
Make class reminder calls: Adoption, Command line, Wed & Fri Monthly classes
Review all emails to "frontdesk @": Make calls/updates, respond to emails
Merging duplicate records for a volunteer
Transferring hours for volunteers: all parties must be present
Dispersement data entry
Prepping new schedule pages: Adopt, Build, Prebuild
Putting pre-assigned groups onto the schedule. See Group volunteering
Prepping new class pages: Command line, Adoption, Wed & Fri Monthly classes
Filing schedules: Staff, Adoption, Build
Direct requests for Large Donations Pickups
Printing & restocking handouts & forms on Dead trees
Support Large tours

Donor Desk Training Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Acquiring & Counting Till
Take Donations & Print Donation Receipt
Processing credit cards
Processing Monetary Donations
Invoicing Donors
Checking the checks
Answering Questions about Data Security
Understanding Ewaste Legislation Scenarios
Printing & restocking handouts & forms on Dead trees