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Put your ideas for front desk beautification here:

  • Reduce size of "freebie" table ( increase walk-in space, improve ADA access, perhaps add a literature rack)
  • Counter in front of desks (improve access to clip boards - perhaps change to electronic sign-up and sign-in)
  • Reduce number of chairs, remove giant plant (increase space)
  • Clean up overhead (improve overhead appearance, perhaps add solar mirror to add light without electricity)
  • Paint. Perhaps something other than just white? Perhaps with Geek supportive graphics (a unique Tux?)
  • Refresh front window.
  • Window washing.
  • Remove stuff that doesn't move (dust bunny traps) to another area (book box, lost & found, etc.)
  • More frequent clean up of bulletin board material.
  • Display some art.
  • Perhaps find a local design class (high-school, college) to take on the reception area as a project.
  • Shift desks over to window. This would improve staff traffic flow to the Geek with a shorter path that doesn't force you to walk through whoever is in front of desk. Yes, that would create a problem with the book bag area.
  • Requested: either blinds hung across front windows during sunny hours, or "light screens" around flat-screen desk monitors to block glare. Receiving has been looking, but has found nothing. Could possibly get blinds donated, depending.
  • Paint the blue cabinet, paint the floor, paint everything, paint the white cabinet, paint the computers, paint the receptionists.
  • Cut the wall to Osos current office and make a front desk there. Move the data entry (lab) computers to the ayrea where the front desk is, except facing the windows (like the red and black).
  • More plants.
  • Curtain over Michael's window.