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To request a GAP box at your site email gapsters@freegeek.org.
To request a GAP box at your site email gapsters@freegeek.org.
== Links ===
== Links ==
* [[GAP Machine Specs]]
* [[GAP Machine Specs]]
* [[Gapster Job Description]]
* [[Gapster Job Description]]

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GAP stands for the Geek Access Point. The gapsters are the Free Geek volunteers responsible for these Free Geek sponsored public access computers.

Current Locations

GAP sites are currently found:

The Red and Black Cafe
22nd and SE Division, Portland
Redwing Coffee and Baking
6th and SE Market, Portland
The Back to Back Cafe
6th and East Burnside, Portland

Proposed Locations

  • Oregon State Legislature, Salem
    • Jonathan Williams - lobbiest for Intel is the contact in Salem and he is working on getting us in touch with the technical support contractor who services the building.
    • 2 terminals in the lobbiest business center.
    • tech support provided by ???
  • Urban Ground
    • 12th? and SE Division, Portland
    • Contact name is Zack
    • At FG, Richard and Martin are working on it

Current GAP Policy


  • Free Geek can provide GAP computers for public access.


  • The site where the GAP computer is deployed takes responsibility for internet connection costs.
  • Access to the computers should be available to the general public and must be available free of charge.
  • It is acceptable for the site to collect voluntary donations to support the internet access.

Restrictions to allow access

  • The site can place reasonable restrictions (such as time limits) on use of the computers so as to allow wide usage.


  • Free Geek can only provide technical support for the boxes to a limited number of locations. We encourage sites that want GAP systems to find staff or patrons of that site to join the gapsters. In general, starting a new site with support requires one new volunteer from that site to joing the gapsters. Email gapsters@freegeek.org for further information.

Getting a GAP box at your site

To request a GAP box at your site email gapsters@freegeek.org.