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GAP stands for the Geek Access Point. The gapsters are the Free Geek volunteers responsible for these Free Geek sponsored public access computers.

Current Locations

GAP sites are currently found:

The Red and Black Cafe
12th & SE Oak, Portland

We are looking for at least one new site to replace the old Chance of Rain site.

Proposed Locations

Current GAP Policy


  • Free Geek can provide GAP computers for public access.


  • The site where the GAP computer is deployed takes responsibility for internet connection costs.
  • Access to the computers should be available to the general public and must be available free of charge.
  • It is acceptable for the site to collect voluntary donations to support the internet access.

Restrictions to allow access

  • The site can place reasonable restrictions (such as time limits) on use of the computers so as to allow wide usage.


  • Free Geek can only provide technical support for the boxes to a limited number of locations. We encourage sites that want GAP systems to find staff or patrons of that site to join the gapsters. In general, starting a new site with support requires one new volunteer from that site to joining the gapsters. Email for further information.

Getting a GAP box at your site

To request a GAP box at your site email