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The word Triage is used at Free Geek to indicate the process of assessing what to do with devices coming into to a particular area. In general, there are three basic outcomes of triage:

  • Reuse
  • Recycling
  • Further inquiry or testing required

The triage process for Game Consoles happens in two places: Receiving and System Evaluation. Data bearing devices (such as Xbox 360s, PS3s, etc) should be sent to Prebuild, wherein the hard drives will be removed. Other consoles, accessories, power supplies, etc, should move from Receiving to the TARDIS.


Game Devices

(Did not create a new wiki page yet, just added onto the one page that is related to games[gaming])

Gamer Revival 2012

For social revival, improvement:

  • LAN parties in one of our existing rooms.
  • Gaming event(s) newsletter
  • Getting partnered up with Ground Kontrol/other gaming entities in Portland

Long term gaming strategy:

  • Gamer build (steambox?)
  • Game development class/program
  • Steam for Linux class/program

Other random bullet points:

  • Having a renewed focus on game specs and requirements in build.
  • Game related post build option
  • Repairing the arcade machine (Rob has fixed/made similar machines in past)
  • Gamer section of store (seems like a longshot but its inventory based so /shrug)
  • Eli is friends with Jeff Extine of Extelevision (also of produce row cafe) which is a game news source (Team Fortress 2 specific but he is based here, likes to advocate for all E-sports communities and said he would be happy to film any LANs we have and promote them if on his weekly program)


  1. Working with/alongside Valve in order to create viable builds that can run Steam once available on Linux.
  2. Getting any kind of free merchandise we can give away to volunteers or thrift store
  3. Any possible financial support from them if they really like our operation
  4. Support in organizing/planning any Steam for Linux type classes
  5. Events for launching of Steam on Linux or other recurring events that could have them as a sponsor.
  6. Having Gabe Newell (head of valve) make an appearance here or similarly go up to Valve with Free Geek stuff and take pictures for PR purposes

Super rough draft but ideas/suggestions greatly appreciated

  • Starting this week Valve is taking submissions for Steam on Linux Beta Testers, we should get volunteer or staff involvement in that, could really help planning for the specs that gaming builds will need. (Required is 12.04 ubuntu or above)