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Please don't post plain text email addresses on the wiki. Use AT instead of '@' and DOT instead of '.'

Upcoming Projects

Marie and Rev have dedicated themselves to making a video by March 16th ThirstyThirdThursTheater

Ed Stastny ed [AT] would like to make some short videos following computer parts though their cycles

P B pgb2720 [AT] has camera and equipment and would like to help document freegeek.

Bob Nisbet robertanisbet [AT] from PCM.

joe biel ragsinyourstabwounds [AT]

Mark (iolair [dot] fg [ @ ] gmail ) - PCM, MECM, & TVCTV - lets see if we can tape some of geek fair

clearly many folks would like to be involved, how this takes place should probably be transparent, but if its totally covert I will understand.

Welcome to Free Geek

A Pants on Production about Free Geek. Who needs a copy?

All the FG wannabes!

Hiamal Llanos <hllanos [AT]> Free Geek like place in Stolkholm