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Upcoming Projects

Training Geeks to make movies about geeks so that we can make more geeks: Mt._Hood_Cable_Regulatory_Commission

Marie and Rev have made a video: "Welcome to Free Geek"

every third thursday we have our ThirstyThirdThursTheater

Ed Stastny ed [AT] would like to make some short videos following computer parts though their cycles

P B pgb2720 [AT] has camera and equipment and would like to help document freegeek.

Bob Nisbet robertanisbet [AT] from PCM.

joe biel ragsinyourstabwounds [AT]

Mark (iolair [dot] fg [ @ ] gmail ) - PCM, MECM, & TVCTV - lets see if we can tape some of geek fair

jeff johnson (jeff [at] free software video editing and audio processing.

clearly many folks would like to be involved, how this takes place should probably be transparent, but if its totally covert I will understand.

Welcome to Free Geek

A Pants on Production about Free Geek. Who needs a copy?

All the FG wannabes!

Hiamal Llanos <hllanos [AT]> Free Geek like place in Stolkholm

Clinton St Theater FreekTV Fundraiser

revphil is hosting a movie night at the clinton Wed, July 26th. It should be pretty awesome, but what if we make it a fundraiser for this project? It may not make more than a few hundred dollars (maybe a thousand) so im not sure it will be really worth it, but folks often say "why not have a fundraiser for revphil" The obvious answer is that revphil probably would not show up for it. alas.

it kinda seems stupid. but maybe we can use it as matching funds for something else? i dont know... or perhaps we give the Clinton a new projector (from our friend from InFocus who went to my last movie night on the 8th) they give us some money or something...