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Upcoming Projects


A project created by the Mt hood narrative

Setup Phase (funded part)

Teacher and students in the 1st stage, students are being groomed to become teachers

  • year long build up to create stability in program
  • teachers may become mentors if desired

Ongoing Program (unfunded part)

after the ramp up the program will shift to a aprentice and mentor positions. we will make procudre for members to join and leave the Media Geek Collective

  • 4 Mentor Slots
    • Guide and train appretances
    • have keys, maintiain media lab hours, and share other responbilities
  • 8 apprentice slots
    • they do the production of the program

New Apprentice runs like build program

Time Line

  • Talk with Oso and Nathan - HR job descrip - timeline
  • Get final approval from Board
  • Annouce to teachers
  • Annouce to related F/OSS projects: others
  • Prepaire press release
  • Research equipment prices
  • Get funding
  • Send press release, call for students
  • Make Classroom improvments november - december
  • Build MediaLab upstairs
  • Organize Render Farm work party -sergio [1]
  • Test MediaLab

Training Geeks to make movies about geeks so that we can make more geeks: Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission

A comparison of different video editing software wikipedia:Comparison of video editing software Go figure, Cinelerra is looking pretty good

Ed Stastny (ed AT novia DOT net) would like to make some short videos following computer parts though their cycles

P B (pgb2720 AT yahoo DOT com) has camera and equipment and would like to help document freegeek.

Bob Nisbet (robertanisbet AT comcast DOT net) from PCM.

joe biel (ragsinyourstabwounds AT gmail DOT com)

Mark (iolair DOT fg AT gmail DOT com) - PCM, MECM, & TVCTV - lets see if we can tape some of geek fair

jeff johnson (jeff AT comfrey DOT net) free software video editing and audio processing.

Crank My Chain

clearly many folks would like to be involved, how this takes place should probably be transparent, but if its totally covert I will understand.

Revphil's resume type thing

I have thought for awhile about how best to respond. Eventually it occurred to me that I am always organizing people. Herding Zoobombers, meeting deadlines on critical projects and creating Free Geek's original office organization were all challenging and rewarding.

This next project will be incredible. This is a unique opportunity for Free Geek to go beyond being a great nonprofit that "does computer stuff" to an organization with an active voice about how things should be done in the future. We set the standard for computer reuse and many look to us to lead. There is much work to be done. I will coordinate our resources and sharpen our voice.

A few of my qualifications:

  • Free Geek Office Manager/Volunteer Coordinator January 2001 - August 2001
    • Coordinated front desk,
    • Created policy and procedure,
    • Trained volunteers
    • Refined the tour: what we are, what we do and why we must do it.
  • Rapid movie projects - Producer/director/actor
    • Organized multiple screenings across the nation
    • In each project volunteer time was at a premium so decisions had to be made fast and constant reevaluation was necessary to determine what the next most important step was.
      • "Rotating Food: the 48 hour movie"
        • Recruited talent and made snap judgments to utilize their skills
      • "Do You Copy" October 2002 - January 2003
        • Each volunteer was only allowed to work for a total of 48 hours on the project. Scheduling for dozens of volunteers
      • "Cold Lampin'" August 2004
        • Smaller groups, juggling of egos, evolving decision making process
  • Chunk Vid Project Coordinator- Sep 2005 @ Free Geek
    • Organized 4 other veteran filmmakers in documenting intensity.
  • minibikewinter Project Coordinator Feb 2006
    • Recruited a team of 15 new and seasoned bikers
    • Hosted 9 events over 3 days
    • Entertained 100s of people at a large dance party and bike rally
    • Coordinated housing for 35 out of town guests
    • Plotted a 20 person bike tour of the Lloyd Center
  • Free Geek Special Projects Coordinator 2005-2006
    • Doggedly wrangled CNN producers
    • Co-directed "Welcome to Free Geek"
    • Geek Prom Coordinator, MC
    • Geek Fair Coordinator
    • Foodcycle Coordinator - negotiated with Hot Lips Manager for free pizza

I have a long history of coordinating people. I know this organization, and I know how to get things done in this organization

Ongoing Projects


every third thursday we have our monthly screening check it out at Teh Mothership

Completed Projects

Welcome to Free Geek

Marie and Rev have made a video: "Welcome to Free Geek" A Pants on Production about Free Geek. Who needs a copy?

All the FG wannabes!

Hiamal Llanos <hllanos [AT]> Free Geek like place in Stolkholm

Theoricital Projects

Clinton St Theater FreekTV Fundraiser

revphil is hosting a movie night at the clinton Wed, July 26th. It should be pretty awesome, but what if we make it a fundraiser for this project? It may not make more than a few hundred dollars (maybe a thousand) so im not sure it will be really worth it, but folks often say "why not have a fundraiser for revphil" The obvious answer is that revphil probably would not show up for it. alas.

it kinda seems stupid. but maybe we can use it as matching funds for something else? i dont know... or perhaps we give the Clinton a new projector (from our friend from InFocus who went to my last movie night on the 8th) they give us some money or something...