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A techo-nerdy caravan of help for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Tentative departure last week of October. Returning after Thanksgiving.


Free Geek is going to be sending aid supplies and a crew of geeks to New Orleans to help with the relief efforts.

A suggestion was made that rather than send aid supplies and geeks to New Orleans, we send a shipment of geeks and computers (lessdisks terminals?) to Houston. Set up a lab in the Astrodome. There are 10,000 people in the Astrodome, and I think we could manage about 400 computers, which would be enough for everybody to get a little online time every day. We'd have to talk to the city officials about getting internet. Jeff


  • Free Geek
  • Comcast (tentative)
  • Heald College (tentative)

Donation Needs

  • Funds - for equipment, fuel and travel expenses for crew.
  • Van - 3/4 Ton, with seating for 4-5, deisel preferred.
  • Cargo Trailer - Re: Wells Cargo closed box.
  • Tools (computer repair)
  • Tools (construction)
  • Tools (mechanic)

Volunteer Opportunities

List your name/userid below the item if you'd be willing to help with this

  • Fund Raising
    • Mark Chamberlain
  • In-kind donation coordination
  • Roadtrip logistics coordination
  • Making the trip
  • Thinking about making the trip
    • Tim Kutcha
    • Clout Tolstoy