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A techo-nerdy caravan of help for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Tentative departure last week of October. Returning after Thanksgiving.


Free Geek is going to be sending aid supplies and a crew of geeks to New Orleans to help with the relief efforts.

Some things we need to do/would like to do and other things that will help us accomplish a lot on this mission:

  • Make contact with Red Cross (Tom McCann, FG Volunteer) and Mercy Corps (Mathew Schwartzberg, MC Relief Coordinator), see if there is a way to coordinate actions, also they could provide definate locations to deliver materials and let us know what types of materials to bring in addition to computers. They may also be able to set-up volunteer opportunites for us in advance, so we can focus our efforts immediately upon arrival in the region.
  • Bring computers and networking equipment, plus tech-know-how.
  • Bring home construction tools and a supply of fasteners (nails, screws hangers) and building know-how.
  • Coordinate with other communities of geeks along our route and see if a caravan might grow along the way.
  • Bring a self-sustaining amount of supplies, so we are not an additional burden on the relief agencies already in place.
  • Bring back a few orphaned dogs? Liane will find homes for any and all we can bring back, realistic?
  • Make contact with DirectNIC and see if we can be helpful with them. They are getting computers from businesses and getting the data off them and to the businesses, since they have working OC3s, generators, and such (i.e. a fully working NOC).


  • Free Geek
  • Comcast (tentative) Donating a van to make the trip?
  • Heald College (tentative)

Donation Needs

  • Funds - for equipment, fuel and travel expenses for crew.
  • Van - 3/4 Ton, with seating for 4-5, deisel preferred.
  • Cargo Trailer - Re: Wells Cargo closed box.
  • Tools (computer repair)
  • Tools (construction)
  • Tools (mechanic)

Volunteer Opportunities

List your name/userid below the item if you'd be willing to help with this

  • Fund Raising
    • Mark Chamberlain
  • In-kind donation coordination
  • Roadtrip logistics coordination
  • Making the trip
  • Thinking about making the trip
    • Tim Kutcha
    • Clout Tolstoy