Geek Fair 2005 Debrief

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This is what we learned from Geek Fair 2005.


  • Dunk tank: cost 175, made 102. Have volunteers sign up to sit in it beforehand
  • Get the permits a little earlier and remember where we put them
  • Get sponsors to pay for a big thing (like the tent)
  • Try to find someone with truck instead of renting U-haul or find a few pickups
  • Make gateway by the indoor entrance to attract more people inside
  • Water: more water, more obviously labeled, by info booth
  • 3 more awesome coordinators would have been helpful. Tap into other orgs? City Repair, P:ear, SCRAP
  • In November, have a short meeting to make long-term timeline and start doing outreach for performers (especially entertainers and circus troupes) and sponsors (just a little)
  • The running of receiving while geekfair happened was possibly necessary but seemed a little troubled. In the future a network drop and power drop to the end of the parking lot will allow receipts to be done, and then the front desk can be closed. (from freyley)
  • We need better geeks to be beat Matthew. He's an amazing geek.
  • The computer games stations had a huge line. More than five stations next year would be good (thank you BackSpace, you did well)


  • Needs music
  • For reference: only went through 1.5 gaylords of printers


  • Make big map and schedule and post outside: it should be ready 1 week beforehand so it can be printed in time
  • Make permanent signage: water, info booth, more stuff inside, beer
  • Make big robots with magnetic whiteboards that we can put schedule/map/thanks on

Kids, Volunteers, Booths, Silent Auction

  • Looks like we want more volunteers. Get some from City Repair?
  • Kids' area rocked
  • Booth coordinator needs to be around while tents are being set up and placed and while boothers show up
  • If it's inside, put a sampling of auction stuff on the program. Or put it outside.


  • If we have beer inside, let beer into big classroom
  • Beer outside?


  • Have sound confirmed 4 weeks before event
  • Have bands locked in 4 weeks before event
  • Bands want this stuff: 1 mixer with power supply, 1 monitor, 3 mics, and speakers. They bring their own amps.
  • Three sound coordinator positions: band coordinator (1), sound engineers (1 for each stage), stage manager to meet and greet bands (1 or 2)
  • Book March Fourth 3-4 months in advance


  • Send people to walk around selling tickets during the fair
  • Make raffle start a few weeks before the event so we make more money.


  • Programs: should have been passed out by volunteers and kept at booths
  • Flier distribution: use party people from other orgs to pass out fliers


  • Identifying a couple of people as teardown leads right the night of the fair is a good idea.
  • Have volunteers load tents straight onto trucks
  • Get clean up to happen inside the night-of
  • Get a cadre of volunteers to tear down on Sunday

Geek Fair 2006 Debrief