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The Grant Writing group is overseen by the Outreach Standing Committee.

Currently, "Grant Writing" is on hold, and the group is meeting with the broader name of Funding-group --ks 17:43, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

Goals of Grant Writing group

  1. Hold regular meetings
  2. Report to council or ask the council for recommendations on what to write grants for
  3. Create an overlap of skills: 2 people should know how to do each task (there may be a problem with retention on this)
  4. Maintain a consistent coordinator who sets up meetings, and checks in with folks throughout the month regarding grant writing progress
  5. On downtimes (when there aren't grants to write), hold workshops/lessons to further educate volunteer grant writers


This is a repository of past and present grants as well as a resource for researching, and writing grants for Free Geek.


The Grant Writing Group is an open committee, anyone with an interest in grant writing is encouraged to attend/participate. Volunteer tasks that are available are:

  • Research of potential grants
  • Contacting foundations for information/guidelines and other assistance
  • Writing narratives
  • Preparing budgets and financial statements
  • Formatting and assembling grant submittals
  • Preparing progress reports and final reports
  • Site visits/tours for granting foundation


Group meets thursdays from 10 - 11 am

Grant Information

Grant Source Materials

Other Resources