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Skills, clients and interests to be represented on the board. Current list was developed by the ASG committee for the 2011 governance proposal; it may be modified by the board as needs become clear. Each of these seats will have a "job description", developed by the board recruitment committee and ratified by the board. The board will prioritize these lists, and the recruitment committee will attempt to recruit equally from these categories, in order of the board's priorities.


This has been the focus of board recruitment efforts in the past, and is an important category to increase the professionalism, efficiency, and capacity of the board. Candidates to these seats should have professional (or at least academic) background in the given field.


This category is an inside/outside category and recognizes a distinction not often made at Free Geek; a functional gap between people who come to FG as service-recipients versus those who are/become "core" volunteers. An example of someone who might be recruited to represent adoption volunteers might be one of the people (often from other organizations) who shepherd groups of volunteers through our program. This example also illustrates the way that multiple categories might be filled by one person, as this same person might also be said to represent the "nonprofit world" or "social empowerment" from Interests. Recruitment for these seats may be primarily internal, or may go to people who are particularly interested in user experience and services!

  • Volunteers (adoption and beginner build)
  • Grant recipients
  • Students (in Free Geek educational programs and classes; not a large category now but expected to grow)
  • Donors
  • Store customers


These are outward-facing seats; these directors make sure that we take into account our mission and connections with the outside world when we make our plans and decisions. They may reach out to other organizations to make sure that our efforts net a greater impact in the community, or engage with legislative processes when they touch on our environmental mission.