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Standing HR Committee
Mission: Provides oversight for those areas of Free Geek pertaining to the health and well being of volunteers and staff.
Programs: Human resources, volunteer and staff discipline, procedures regarding theft from Free Geek, mediation between conflicting parties, staff and intern reviews, health care and benefits packages, employee manual, oversee the hiring process, trainings.
Email: hr at
Likely Suspects: Richard, Liane, Mark

This is the page for the Staff Collective's Human Resources Committee


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Other procedures

About Us

Policies (adopted and in progress)



Collective Members

The Staff Collective currently has the following members:

The Free Geek Collective ceased to exist on February 28, 2013. For information on current staff, please go to Staff. For detailed information about the re-organization of Free Geek's management structure, please go to 2013_Restructuring_Documents.


We're trying to look ahead at the big picture for staffing Free Geek. Our aim is to decrease the roller coaster effect.

One unofficial goal for Free Geek might be to increase the number of interns as compared to staff collective members. This opens up more opportunities for young people and others with job experience issues to build up job resumes. It also gives us staffing flexibility since internships are shorter term by definition and makes it more likely we can absorb an intern's duties back into the staff collective in case of financial shortfalls, avoiding other types of cutbacks and layoffs. This goal could be met by hiring new positions as interns (when we expand staff as we can afford it), or by converting existing staff positions to internships (as staff collective members leave). Of course, this can only be done where appropriate. We do not want to require or expect an intern to do collective level work.

Possible Staff Positions

Over the years, people have proposed various jobs that we could -- if we were rich -- hire for, either into the collective or as interns. Here are some of those ideas:

Systems Admin
Liaison with ASS, monitor and maintain systems and software, manage technical emergencies.
Testing Intern
Keep basic and advanced testing flowing and make sure that volunteers both learn and help.
Printer Exploratory Intern
Establish procedures for a printer program, streamline processes, and recruit volunteers. Help determine viability and need for a staff position.

Budgeted Expenses

(Your actual expense budget goes here, along with explanatory notes, for example notes indicating which months expenses are expected to happen in,.)

  • Training and education $250/qtr
  • Job Postings (Craigslist, Idealist, etc.)
    • $150 Q1 and Q3
    • $100 Q2 and Q4

Nonrecurring expenses

(This is where one time expenses would go. Yearly or more often go above.)

Related Items

(This is for notes that indicate expenses that affect your committee but are actually classified under a different committee.)