Handling Large Donations at Receiving

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If a large donation comes in, it is likely coming in from a business and requires a little special attention. These instructions should help everything run smoothly. It is best if a staff person handles these kinds of donations to make sure "Covered" and "Uncovered" status is determined correctly.

Before they unload anything

Find out:

  • Is this donation on behalf of a company?
  • Is the person delivering the stuff from the company, or are they a delivery service of some sort?
    • If they are a delivery service, we need contact information from the company, as well as information as to how any potential fees will be paid for(check, invoice, not prepared to pay). (Give to the front desk.)
  • If the delivery company in unaware of any potential fees, contact the originating company before unloading the truck/car, to make sure they're prepared to pay any mandatory fees.
  • Inquire if the Entity donating is Covered or Uncovered (How many people work for the company?) Is it more than 10? If the number of employees is more than 10 then it is Uncovered.
    • At this time it might help to possibly gather Uncovered Stickers.
  • If they need to be invoiced:
      • Who is the contact person? (Give the name and phone number to the front desk.)
      • Do they know the billing address? (Give to front desk.)
      • Does the company require a purchase order to pay the invoice? (If so, give the PO to the front desk.)
  • Do they have a list of the items they are donating? (This can help you in keeping track of what's being donated.)
  • Make sure you have enough help. You will need at least two people to unload and one to tally, and attach stickers, for each large donation in progress. You also will need one person to watch Hardware Donations.
  • Request help at the Other areas if you have an insufficient amount of volunteers to help you.
  • Upon learning the type and amount of items it is a good idea to notify the areas being affected by the donation.


Make sure all members involved are familiar with proper Safety Procedures in receiving. When processing pallets it is important to have an experienced member of Hardware Donations to oversee the procedure. In the instance that multiple large loads occur and there are insufficient Staff Members to assist with the donations, page for help.

After Unloading

The Front Desk needs an itemized list of donations. Have the Entity's information filled out on the back of the tally sheet just in case. Make sure they talk to Donations Desk and hand in the tally sheet.

  • With Invoices it is strongly encouraged that they stay to receive their invoice but if they cannot it is okay to let them leave after they have given you the required information.
  • With Checks it is required that they give their Oregon Drivers License to the Front Desk.