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Free Geek has a hardware grants program in which we give hardware to community service/change organizations who request it. Our emphasis is on computers, but we are able to grant out many other things as well. Hardware grants is overseen by Public Services.

The Hardware Grants Process (from request to resolution)

Please refer to Processing Hardware Grants for specific instructions on the new system for Grants.

Incoming requests

  1. Grant request comes in to RT (or ToDo)
    • Grant look too complicated? Ask the Hardware Grants Coordinator or leave it in the queue if they're not available.
  2. Determine if grantees are eligible using the How to approve/deny grants page.
    • Use the "Comment link" to input non-profit status into RT after checking Business registrars, Melissa Data or the IRS website, if appropriate.
    • Determine if requester is an approved contact by checking email address, publicly-available information or personal contact with organization.
  3. Determine if we are able to grant out the requested items by using the Hardware Grants What We Can Give Out List.
  4. If request is simple and fulfillable, update Custom Fields inputs including GrantStatus, FG-PDX_Elegibility and Needed fields.
    • If you require further information (on the items requested, status of the organization or grant contact), choose "Requested" in the GrantsStatus field and set the ticket status to Open.
  5. Click "Reply" in the original application and use Hardware Grants Responses to generate an appropriate response.
    • If conversation occurs via email (outside of RT), input any relevant details in RT.
  6. If items are not readily available please request them using established methods for Requesting Items for Hardware Grants
    • Your RT ticket should be updated when waitlisted items are available.

After clarification and approval

  1. Monitor ticket and wait for any necessary system production and all requested items to be available before proceeding.
  2. When items are ready, ask them to sign up for pickup at https://freegeek.youcanbook.me/. This service will automatically add their appointment to the Google calendar and send confirmation email with all necessary pickup information.
  3. When they come in to pickup the item, follow the How To Disburse A Grant guide.
    • You must:
      • Get the name of the person picking up materials;
      • Take all paper PRINTMEs on systems;
      • Provide a Using your Free Geek computer! handout if they are receiving any computers.
    • Consider asking them to take a picture with their granted hardware in front of Free Geek or the painting in front of the Monkey House.
  4. After disbursement, ensure you:
    • Update the Custom Fields inputs in RT;
    • Indicate what you disbursed and to whom in RT;
    • Input disbursement information in the database.
      • If the contact doesn't currently exist in the system, create a new contact. Check the "organization" box and ensure you put in the correct address.
  5. Click "Resolve" if you have successfully fulfilled the grant request.
  6. High-five anyone nearby for a job well done (or pat yourself on the back) and continue on to the next HG request.

Pages related to hardware grants

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Comprehensive list of what we can (and can't) grant out
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Build Specs
Business registrars (OR or WA)
For verifying non-profit status
Federal Exempt Organizations Select Check
To check status at a federal level
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Using your Free Geek computer!
Given to requesters who get systems

Hardware Grants Summary
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Job description
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Checklist for beginning volunteers/interns

Due to IRS considerations we are not able to provide an approximate or exact value for any of our disbursed hardware. Those who require this information should consult an accountant, tax software or look for equivalents for comparison prices.