Hardware Grants Coordinator

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About This Job

This job description is a proposed position for an Americorps volunteer. The purpose of this position is to ................


  • Evaluate incoming grants
  • Disperse grants
  • Coordinate volunteers dispersing grants
  • Create feedback loop
  • including general feedback to guide our processes as well as PR materials, such as testimonials
  • implicitly includes the creation of a procedure for acquiring and vetting this feedback
  • Create support materials for grant recipients
  • Track FG-PDX systems
  • Prepare FG-PDX reports for the City
  • Document as needed, which will be often
  • Attend and participate in RAD meetings
  • Coordinate with other staff members
  • Research new avenues for hardware grants
  • Work with PR committee to create publicity campaign for promoting hardware grants (to solicit recipients and to boast our impact in the community)
  • Work floor shifts coordinating volunteers

Required Skills

  • Experience managing volunteers
  • Demonstrated documentation skills
  • Work well under stress in an unusual setting, maintaining a positive attitude even in the face of adversity
  • Self-motivation
  • Friendly, outgoing personality
  • Patient and courteous with the public
  • Likes working with people
  • Good organizational skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to work in an informal, friendly environment with a diverse staff
  • Ability to work and communicate well in a collectively-run organization
  • Ability to work in a consensus decision making process related to staff and policy issues
  • Not afraid to ask questions, but able to work on projects almost entirely without supervision
  • Able to remain flexible as Free Geek grows and changes