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List of Hazardous chemicals at Free Geek and corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet(MSDS)

Fork Lift Battery

Our fork lift is a CLark T15 electric forklift with a wet lead-acid battery provided by Enersys.

Lead-Acid Battery

CRT Glass

We do from time to time receive broken glass CRTs and should know about what we're exposed to, and how to handle broken CRTs. Most electronic items are not required to have a material safety data sheet (MSDS) because they are articles. Therefore, CRTs and other electronic items will not have any MSDS information available to demonstrate their lead levels.

   *Read this before handling a broken CRT.

Fluorescent Light Bulbs/CFLs

We use them, they sneak in through Receiving, and sometimes they break. If one breaks, follow these instructions:

Fluorescent Light Bulbs


Lots of batteries at Free Geek coming from computers, stereos, and who knows what else. They also come in little baggies through Receiving at the bottom of boxes. They are fine if they are not leaking, but they might be corroded, or otherwise compromised. When you see a compromised battery, try to identify what type it is and read the corresponding MSDS.

Heavy Duty
Lithium Ion
Lithium Manganese Dioxide/Buttoncells
Lithium Polymer
Silver Oxide/Buttoncells
Zinc Air/Buttoncells