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  digraph D {
  node [fontname="Helvetica", fontsize="11"]
  edge [fontname="Helvetica"]
  start        [label="START HERE",
                  fontsize="10", shape="box", style="bold", color="blue"]
  at            [label="Is it beige?"]
  proc_gone    [label="Is the\nPROCESSOR\nCLEARLY MISSING?"]
  mobo          [label="Is the\nMOTHERBOARD\nthere?"]
  missingparts  [label="Is it\nMISSING CASE PARTS?\n(i.e. side or front panel)"]
  memory        [label="Can you see\nany DDR slots?\n(single notch near the middle) PLEASE SEE INSTRUCTOR"]
  blowncaps    [label="Can you see \nany BLOWN CAPS?"]
  sataports    [label="Can you see \nany SATA PORTS?"]
  pull_mobo1    [label="PULL THE MOTHERBOARD\nand take it to\nAdvanced Testing",
  pull_mobo2    [label="We are recycling\nthis system\nbecause of\nBLOWN CAPS",
  keep          [label="KEEP IT\n(for now anyway)",
                  shape="box", style="bold"]
  recycle      [label="We are going to RECYCLE this one.\nGet REASON FOR RECYCLE label\nand CIRCLE the reason\nyou got here)",
                  shape="box", style="bold"]
  not_done      [label="You're not done yet!"]
  go_back      [label="Go back to\nthe main chart"
                  shape="box", URL="/index.php?title=System_Evaluation_Overview", style="dashed", color="red"]
  start      -> at
  at -> recycle [taillabel="YES",]
  at -> mobo [taillabel="NO"]
  mobo        -> memory [taillabel="YES"]
  mobo        -> recycle [taillabel="NO"]
  memory        -> recycle [taillabel="NO"]
  memory -> proc_gone  [label="yes"]
  proc_gone -> blowncaps [label="NO"]
  proc_gone -> recycle [taillabel="YES"]
  pull_mobo1  -> pull_mobo2 -> recycle
  blowncaps    -> missingparts [taillabel="NO"]
  blowncaps    -> sataports [taillabel="YES"]
  sataports    -> pull_mobo2 [taillabel="NO"]
  sataports    -> pull_mobo1 [taillabel="YES"]
  missingparts -> recycle [taillabel="YES"]
  missingparts -> keep [taillabel="NO"]
  keep -> not_done
  recycle -> not_done
  not_done -> go_back

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This is a graph with borders and nodes. Maybe there is an Imagemap used so the nodes may be linking to some Pages.

Boot Without Keyboard
Just make sure it attempts to boot; no need to install a hard drive during Eval.
Auto-Reboot After Power-Loss
Will the system reboot all by itself after a power-loss when the system was running before the power-loss (required)? Will the system stay off after a power-loss when the system was not running before the power-loss (optional)?