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Best practices:

  • Always include info@ in responses so other watchers know not to answer
  • Reply to responses when forwarding to another person to answer (so the requester knows we're on it) (reply all and CC Free Geek contact)
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  • Forward all questions regarding pick-ups to pickups (at) freegeek (dot) org

Cut-and-paste responses to frequently asked questions via the info@ email:

Data security

Thanks for your question. When you donate a computer or anything with memory it goes directly to our secure data area where we remove the hard drive and destroy or triple wipe it depending on the size. Here is a link to our data security procedures as well as a link to the DBAN software you can pick up here if you want to take the extra step to do it yourself. I hope this answers your questions.

Volunteer Tour

Glad to hear you're interested in volunteering with us. The first step to volunteering is to come in to 1731 SE 10th Ave. Portland OR 97211 for a volunteer orientation tour. They happen Tues through Sat at 11am or 4pm sharp and last about 30 minutes. Please arrive about 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork and we can schedule shifts directly after the tour. I hope this information helps and we look forward to seeing you at Free Geek.


Non FG Tech Support

Unfortunately we only offer tech support on computers that are earned or bought through Free Geek. We have a cork board onsite with some local computer repair organizations that have left their cards, but we don't officially recommend them. I recommend googling computer repair on yelp in your area to get some good reviews on local computer repair organizations. I hope that helps. Kind regards,

Free Geek Start Up

Currently we are unable to provide much help with start ups, but below is a link to our wikipedia site where you will find a wealth of information on how we operate as an organization.

I hope this information helps. Thanks!

Thrift Store

We can answer specific questions like yours on twitter @FGthriftstore or you can email Otherwise, Free Geek's thrift store is open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Due to the wide array of items coming and going quickly, we are unable to offer specific inventory, but encourage you to come in and take a look. You will find general price and item inventory here as well as links to our amazon and ebay sites featuring more specialized and vintage items.

I hope this information helps. Best Wishes,


We're in the process of updating our website and this post is hard to find. Our public donation address is Donation address: 1B5g1PKc8oHQrS3TaBHec1F3L924Xk8cNa

Here is where we first announced our ability to take Bitcoins:

Laptop Charger Questions

Laptop chargers are often very different from each other. We have a whole bunch here, and the best way to see if we have what you need is to bring your laptop in for a "fitting." If you can't bring in your laptop, you can purchase a charger from us and return it for store credit within 14 days if you find the plug doesn't fit correctly. Best of Luck,