Information on how to get tech support

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This is a how to for those working at the front desk to better assist volunteers who need help from Tech Support Experts.

  • Tech Support Hours are from 3 to 6 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday or by appointment.
    • By phone - call the main Free Geek number during support hours - (503) 232-9350, then option 5
    • Walkin - Come to the reception area during tech support hours and they will direct you back to the tech support area
    • Email - send an email to support AT (this of course can be done at any time, not just tech support hours).
  • If a volunteer brings in a system outside of tech support hours, fill out a Tech Support Intake form with the following information and attach it to the system before putting it in the tech support office:
    • volunteer name and geek ID number (or the source of the box for store boxes and grants)
    • phone number or email
    • date
    • username and password for the box
    • a brief description of the problem

Please sign or initial the form so we know who the volunteer talked to. The forms should be available behind the front desk or in the tech support office, or can be printed out from here .