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This form is used to take notes upon during the review of a paid-by-Free-Geek apprentice. See Apprentice Reviews for the review procedure.

Apprentice review notes


Name of apprentice being reviewed:

Names of reviewers:

This form is used by the reveiwers/apprentice sponsors during the review. Read responses from workers and show them to the apprentice. Then ask the apprentice the following questions.

1. Summarize any feedback from forms:

2. Summarize apprentice's own review of his/her self:

3. Summarize apprentice's response to others' feedback:

4. Does apprentice have any upcoming plans that would affect her/his commitment to FG?

5. Would the apprentice like any more training?

6. What project would you like to work on for the remainder of your apprenticeship?

7. How is the apprentice's communication with others going?

8. Is the apprentice's schedule OK?

9. Look over the apprentice's job description. Are there parts that are no longer valid or need updating?

10. Other questions you may have for apprentice:

11. Other concerns apprentice may want to express:

12. How does the apprentice like review style?

Reviewers' summary of review (to be done after the review):

Issues reviewers feel should be followed up on and when:

Please report on this review at the next staff meeting. Be sure to speak about how it went, as well as ways you think our review forms and process should be improved. Also, please update these forms as needed!