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Brainstorm (needs to be reviewed/edited)

  • statistics -- metric tons, any others that are important, may further pitch?
  • use buzz words that may trigger preexisting sentiments
  • what's in it for them?
  • Why? they have been doing the same thing for (probably) two decades -- why change it up now? Opportunity to give back to the community by supporting an organization that commits to recycle the electronics only if they can not be reused. Their equipment is probably reallly good, a lot will probaqbly be reused.
    • They will become a part of the outcome of the equipment -- confounding ignorance
    • It's easy, they can tell us where to go and we will get it. No need for repackaging.
  • Contracts? Do they require paperwork? There doesn't need to be any, beuracracy (DDOH!)
  • Why would they object? What are reasons for balking?
    • we're friggin' unprofessional, don't care, they have their ways...don't believe our commie lies,
    • Lawyers, data assurance, privacy issues
      • Wipe it first!
  • know the process -- where does it go from here and why is it the best alternative?