Jacob's second half project

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Jacob's Project stuff is going on this page

  • This is the proposed plan of action for the project I will be undertaking

for the next few months. Briefly, Luiz and I will be working on a plan for me to hit up administrators at UofP, Reed, Lewis & Clark, Marylhurst, and Willammette colleges for their computers. The following steps are a basic rundown:

Create a narrative/sales pitch

  • Main Sales Points (using the motivated sequence as template [problem, solution, ask]
    • Problem Definition (from the standpoint of a institution) - Environmental toxins, problems of obsolescece, space and energy, looking like they care about the environment. Problem Definition (from our standpoint) - toxins, environmental justice, digital divide and education, encouraging use of free/cheap tools (Linux/GNU), staying alive
    • Solutions (them) - Do nothing, give hardware to friends, sell used stuff to students, storing it (PCC-Sylvania), using a commercial recycler, having IT guys take it and sell in on ebay (us) Sort and grade to reuse what you can, keep the most poisonous things out of landfills, keep everything out of china, sell some of this stuff to pay for staff and education, make the community part of the solution,
    • Ask
      • who to ask 1) Administrators (pretty high up), IT folk, student body (esp, student newspapers), alumni groups
        • City contract? Vanguard?
  • WIIFT (What's In It For Them)
  • Objections (to overcome) -
    • Who cares?
    • My existing arrangement works...why change?
    • How do I know you guys are legit?
    • Will my data be safe
    • Can I have control over what happens to our stuff
    • What happens to your stuff downstream (after it leaves FG)?

Create a fact sheet/video presentation

Letters, Faxes, Emails to college officials

Make appointments and give a brief presentation to said administrators

Follow-up with said administrators