Jello Fortune

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For the next installment of: "Get to know more about the strange volunteers who haunt your favorite nonprofit at odd hours"

we find our protagonist (pictured below?) explaining his first experience with Jello.

"you see, my mom cooked everything... by that I mean she really gave those poor canned vegetables what-for. I guess she was afraid that it might be dangerous to eat undercooked food, or even fresh food.

Then I remember one day she started to cook Jello. None of us had ever seen it before, and mom followed the directions, but then after adding boiling water, decided to fry up the mix.

I cant remember if we were able to salvage the pan or not. She did give it her all. The resulting jello was hard and thin, it reminded me of the hardest peanut brittle ever, but it wasnt brittle. I worked on a piece for a few min and eventually it bent a little. Then it was caught in my tooth, and I was afraid it wouldnt come out. I think i stopped after that."

Mr X, ladies and gentlemen... lets give him some thanks for his sense of humor, easy going nature, and willingness to deal with UPS Land and the USS Enterprise Server area.