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How to get a key

Core volunteers that need an external key can ask to be granted a key by the staff collective by sending a message to and indicating what they need the key for. The collective will discuss the matter at the next possible staff meeting. Paid interns are granted keys as needed subject to review by the staff collective. If a keyholder loses a key, they must reapply to the staff collective.

For further information on who gets keys and how check out the After Hours Access Policy. If you have a key, also read the After Hours Access Procedure.


All members of the staff collective have keys to both the external (F) and internal (I) doors in the building. Additionally, paid apprentices, other staff, and core volunteers also have these keys as needed, typically (E) or (F) and possibly (I) keys.

Some people who used to be keyholders no longer need them. Also, we were unable to adequately review all the previous keyholders. Anyone not on the list who wants a key should send a message requesting one to staff the (see above).

Lists of keyholders for doors, safes, and cabinets

E and F keyholders need to read and understand the After Hours Access Procedure.

Italic names = allotted but not handed out yet.

Note: E and F keyholders also need a PIN to arm or disarm the alarm system if they might enter or exit the building after hours. All E and F keyholders should be on the locks list.

Do not give out E or F keys without alerting Darryl or Richard.

F keys

NOTE: [F]ree Geek keys work on all external doors including the after hours access door (near the meeting room).

  • 1-F DO NOT GIVE OUT THIS KEY!! This ADMIN key is kept in the safe for making copies.
  • 2-F Austin Crouch
  • 3-F Aimee Reiss
  • 4-F Sara Figueroa
  • 5-F Liane Kocka
  • 6-F (available)
  • 7-F Richard Seymour
  • 8-F Paul Munday
  • 9-F Darren Heiber
  • 10-F Darryl Kan
  • 11-F Brian Keefer
  • 12-F McGuire Bearing/Jim Conley
  • 13-F Kevin Wright
  • 14-F Aradan Thompson
  • 15-F Misty Fall
  • 16-F Forrest Barber
  • 17-F Liliana Gaitan
  • 18-F Robert Taylor
  • 19-F Ryan Dodd
  • 20-F Brett Hagar
  • 21-F Cynthia Prevatte
  • 22-F (available)
  • 23-F Aimee Barrington
  • 24-F Brandon Brink
  • 25-F Cliff Fortune
  • 26-F Mark Kille
  • 27-F Omar Vargas
  • 28-F (available)
  • 29-F Patrick Sullivan
  • 30-F Hasan Alkadhim
  • 31-F Anthony Carrillo
  • 32-F Amber Schmidt
  • 33-F (available)
  • 34-F Scott Forbes
  • 35-F Alexis Villegas
  • 36-F (available)
  • 37-F Eli Wisnievitz
  • 38-F Ashley Sue Masoomian
  • 39-F Jake Taasevigen
  • 40-F John Ashcraft
  • 41-F James Pella
  • 42-F Michael Westwind
  • 43-F Ryan Niebur
  • 44-F Vagrant Cascadian
  • 45-F Peter Gates
  • 46-F (available)
  • 47-F (available)
  • 48-F (available)
  • 49-F (available)
  • 50-F Michael Westwind (loaner for 9/6/2013)

E keys

NOTE: "E" indicates a key for the External after hours access door (near the meeting room).

  • 85-E Ben Kerensa
  • 86-E (available)
  • 87-E (available)
  • 88-E Ben Sandberg
  • 89-E EcoMaids
  • 90-E Michael Dexter (PLUG Advanced Topics)
  • 91-E Evie Strohmeyer
  • 92-E John Wilkes
  • 93-E Chad Granum (Perlmongers)
  • 94-E Anthony Johnson (Perlmongers)
  • 95-E Bob Griggs
  • 96-E Jason Owen
  • 97-E John Jason Jordan (PLUG Clinic)
  • 98-E Kenny McElroy
  • 99-E DO NOT GIVE OUT THIS KEY!! This ADMIN key is kept in the safe for making copies.

I keys

(NOTE: "I" indicates an Internal key, used to protect money, and confidential papers.)

  • 1-I (master key -- do not give out)
  • 2-I Austin Crouch
  • 3-I Aimee Reiss
  • 4-I Sara Figueroa
  • 5-I Liane Kocka
  • 6-I (Temporarily given to Kyle Kasner)
  • 7-I Richard Seymour
  • 8-I Paul Munday
  • 9-I Darren Heiber
  • 10-I Darryl Kan
  • 11-I Brian Keefer
  • 12-I McGuire Bearing/Jim Conley
  • 13-I Kevin Wright
  • 14-I Aradan Thompson
  • 15-I Misty Fall
  • 16-I Forrest Barber
  • 17-I Liliana Gaitan
  • 18-I Robert Taylor
  • 19-I Ryan Dodd
  • 20-I Brett Hagar
  • 21-I Cynthia Prevatte
  • 22-I (available)
  • 23-I Aimee Barrington
  • 24-I Brandon Brink
  • 25-I Cliff Fortune
  • 26-I Mark Kille
  • 27-I Omar Vargas
  • 28-I (available)
  • 29-I Patrick Sullivan
  • 30-I Hasan Alkadhim
  • 31-I Anthony Carrillo
  • 32-I Amber Schmidt
  • 33-I (available)
  • 34-I Scott Forbes
  • 35-I Alexis Villegas
  • 36-I (available)
  • 37-I Eli Wisnievitz
  • 38-I Ashley Sue Masoomian
  • 39-I Jake Taasevigen
  • 40-I John Ashcraft
  • 41-I James Pella
  • 42-I Michael Westwind
  • 43-I Ryan Niebur
  • 44-I Vagrant Cascadian
  • 45-I Peter Gates
  • 46-I (available)
  • 47-I (available)
  • 48-I (available)
  • 49-I (available)
  • 50-I (available)

G keys

We are creating G keys to allow grant interns access to the monkeyhouse and the finished laptops cabinets.'

  • (G1) DO NOT GIVE OUT THIS KEY!! This ADMIN key is kept in the safe for making copies.
  • (G2) Tom Wolcott
  • (G3) Tony Diethelm
  • (G4) in safe
  • (G5) in safe
  • (G6) in safe

Personnel File Cabinet (H)

  • (H1) Richard Seymour
  • (H2) Mark Kille
  • (H3) Sara Figueroa

Staff Safe

The Safe keys are smaller than the other S keys (for tech support).

  • 1 do not give out -- reference key for administration
  • 2 Patrick Sullivan
  • 3 Michael Westwind (loaner for 9/6/2013)
  • 4 Sara Figueroa
  • 5 Liane Kocka
  • 6 Mark Kille
  • 7 Richard Seymour
  • 8 Michael Westwind
  • 9 Darren Heiber
  • 10 James Pella
  • 11 Cynthia Prevatte
  • 12 (available)

Monkey House Locker

The monkey house locker is in the monkey house. It is a lateral file cabinet. Keys are mostly silver with no numbers or identifying marks.

  1. Master Key - Gold colored key marked "STEELCASE GRAND RAPIDS MICHIGAN" on front, "FR433" on back. in safe
  2. Eli Wisnievitz
  3. Tom Wolcott
  4. missing? (was Greg K's)
  5. Darren Heiber
  6. Liliana Gaitan
  7. Misty Fall
  8. Nate Lee

HR keys

  • HR-A
    • Mark Kille
    • in safe
    • in safe
  • HR-B
    • Richard Seymour
    • in safe
    • in safe

Vehicle keys

Truck Keys

The GMC box Truck has "Sets of Keys". There are 3 keys in each set. One for driving and doors, one for the padlock at the back, and one for the gas tank.

  • Master copy unnumbered: dont give out!
  • (1) Liane Kocka
  • (2) Austin Crouch
  • (3) Darryl Kan
  • (4) in safe

Forklift Keys

This includes a forklift key, and a key to the padlock on the small hanging cabinet on the wall near the forklift charger. These keys are not numbered.

  • Master copy unnumbered: dont give out!
  • Cliff Fortune
  • Darryl Kan
  • in safe
  • John Ashcraft
  • Liane Kocka

deprecated keys

C Keys

We're no longer using this Supply Cabinet as secure storage for the Thrift Store. --Darryl 20:01, 9 April 2013 (UTC)

T keys

THE T KEY IS BEING RETIRED. All locks with this key are changing to I keys.

This is the T key to the TARDIS and other areas that contain "shiny" objects. Keys are issued at the discretion of the Production Committee and are provided to instructors in Build/Laptop/Macbuild and to point people in Advanced Testing.

  • (T#1) in safe
  • (T#2) Camille Huffman
  • (T#3) Robert Perry (Tex)
  • (T#4) in safe
  • (T#5) Dennis Jones
  • (T#6) Blaine Deatherage-Newsom
  • (T#7) Eric Klotter
  • (T#8) Steve Van Dusen
  • (T#9) Nate Lee
  • (T#10) Kurt Krueger
  • (T#11) in safe
  • (T#12) DO NOT GIVE OUT THIS KEY!! This ADMIN key is kept in the safe for making copies.
  • (T#13) in safe
  • (T#14) Roy Marshall
  • (T#15) Max Schwarz
  • (T#16) John Franko
  • (T#17) Mary Meier
  • (T#18) Charlie MacCarthy
  • (T#19) Tara Nelson
  • (T#20) Jackson Tate
  • (T#21) in safe
  • (T#22) Michael McCall
  • (T#23) in safe
  • (T#24) "Lalo" Luis Eduardo Garza Crespo
  • (T#25) in safe
  • (T#26) Howard Thompson
  • (T#27) Patrick Wilson

Tech Support (S)

THE S KEY IS BEING RETIRED. All locks with this key are changing to I keys. These Support keys are regular sized.

  • (S#1) in safe
  • (S#2) DO NOT GIVE OUT THIS KEY!! This ADMIN key is kept in the safe for making copies.
  • (S#3) in safe
  • (S#4) LOST

Re-keying the locks

  • If you're re-keying the locks, check this page to estimate how many new keys will be needed. Remember to take into account non Free Geekers with keys (the landlord, user group reps, etc.)
  • It is customary for the staff collective to re-evaluate who still needs keys. This will affect the number of keys needed.
  • Also, if there are upcoming needs for keys such as hirings, interns, etc. There also may be folks leaving who will add to the available pool of keys.
  • Other key requests will undoubtedly be made, so having a few extra keys made is good. (They should be kept in the safe.)
  • The keys should be numbered so they can be kept track of. The locksmith can do this. Our current locksmith (Atlasta Lock and Key) does this for no charge.
  • Before the locks are re-keyed it is very important that all keyholders be notified so that folks who need access are not locked out. This is especially important for keyholders who are not on staff, as they are most likely to be forgotten.
  • Be sure to review the List of locks.